It turned out that 23% of the number of viewers of the video advertisement on the net was the play by the bot

ByThomas van de Weerd

In-stream type advertisements that are displayed when watching a movie with YouTube, Dailymotion, etc., and display type advertisements in which movies flow in advertisements in the site are "Video ad"It is characterized by being able to leave a big impact on users unlike other Internet advertisements such as banner advertisements and listing advertisements, but"Association of National Advertisers"When"White Ops"From a survey conducted jointly, it turned out that 23% of the number of viewers of video advertisements was played by Bot.

Robots, Not Humans, Fake 23% of Web Video Ad Views, Study Finds - Bloomberg

Nearly 25% of 'people' viewing online video ads are robots used by fraudsters | Technology | The Guardian

For video advertisements that began to grow rapidly from around 2011,BI IntelligenceAccording to 2013, there is sales of 2.8 billion dollars (about 333.5 billion yen), and it is expected to reach 5 billion dollars (about 595.5 billion yen) in 2016. Even in Japan,Cyber ​​agent surveyAs a result, the size of the market in 2014 is about 30 billion yen, and in 2017 it is growing into a huge market where it is expected to reach about 88 billion yen.

However, when Association of National Advertisers and White Ops surveyed video advertisements of 36 companies registered in Association of National Advertisers, 23% of the number of in-stream advertisements viewed by Bot among video advertisements It turns out that it is. Also, in display type advertisements, 11% of the number of viewers was found to have been played by Bot.

The way Bot plays video advertisements is that hackers infect malware and send PCsBotnetIt plays a movie on the Internet by external directive and clicks on advertisement. It seems that hackers with bots are profitable by selling botnet service to specialized companies controlling traffic.

ByPanda Security France

Even if video advertisements are played 1 million times, companies that post video advertisements paying fees will lose, as it can only expect the advertisement effect of 750,000 playbacks, subtracting the number of views by bots That is why it is. The 36 companies registered in the Association of National Advertisers that was the subject of survey included huge companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford Motor, Wendy's and the estimated total damage was 6.3 billion dollars (about 7504 Billions of yen).

Bob Liodice, vice president of the New York branch of the Association of National Advertisers said, "The number of viewing times by bots discovered this time is not completely broken by system or process issues, but is completely criminal acts." .

ByJohan Viirok

In this survey of video advertisements, it is known that 58% of the traffic from Internet Explorer 6 is a bot, and that the time zone during which the bot is running is from late night to 7 am. Association of National Advertisers recommends "to deliver ads during the day instead of midnight" and "to make the site operators clear the details of the traffic", and if this condition persists for 3 years It seems there is a possibility that the advertisement market on the web will decline if it does.

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