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ASUS JAPAN, palm-sized mini size PC "ASUS VivoMini UN 62"When"ASUS VivoMini UN 42We will release it on December 12th (Friday). The size of ASUS VivoMini is very small, 131 mm in both width and depth, and it can be left without worrying about places such as living room. By using the attached application "ASUS Wi - Fi GO!" You can operate ASUS VivoMini with smartphones and tablets, and easily share files via Wi - Fi. Also, "ASUS Media Streamer" allows you to access ASUS VivoMini at home from the outset, so you can use the stored movie / music as a media server that you can enjoy from anytime anytime.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Floppy disks are still used in US government agencies - GIGAZINE

Video research provides "Twitter TV indicator" to measure responses to TV programs on Twitter - GIGAZINE

A way to distinguish and deal with "people with seven types who can not be promoted at work" - GIGAZINE

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How to make Wikipedia - * iroi *

The painful news (No ∀ `): 【video】 The magician is impressed by the technique to align the speeding magician Rubik's cube in one second, exclusion of violation, US violation NY - Livedoor blog

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Is there "consciousness" after physical death, a research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

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Dollar circle roller coaster at midnight, falling 2 yen in 3 hours and returning 1 yen in 1 hour: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

What were you doing in that diet, Diet? DB - withnews (with news)

Hate speech confirmed compensation for racial discrimination special party side: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The second instance of the Osaka High Court in July this year also said, "Children with no mistakes were exposed to vulgar attacks because of only ethnic origins, the mental damage received by absurd acts of racial discrimination is enormous "He supported the trial judgment.

Current affairs dot com: Reimbursement with hate speech = appeal of the special session of the general meeting rejected - Supreme Court

According to the first and second instance rulings, the members of the special society in the area ranging from December 2009 to March 2010, three times around the Korean school of Kyoto city operated by the same school, in the loudspeaker, "Seated Korea school from Japan "Please dispose Koreans at public health centers." We shot a video of the situation on the Internet.

Skymark, partnership with ANA Negotiation from JAL: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Incidents / Accidents | arrested SDF officers on alleged assault Stopped by bed stall Akashi

Detective file ~ Spy diary ~ / If you look up Mr. Tsubasa Yuzawa seriously ~ BOZZ / BOZZ (Fumio Watanabe)

My mother was ducked on NTT, Aizer returned home with anger - Togetter Summary

DJ Mixer / Turntable Manufacturing "Vestax" Brand Expansion Vestax Inc. Started Bankruptcy Procedure Decision Received - Large Bankruptcy Bulletin | Teikoku Databank [TDB]

"There was a serious impact," Peru Government also rageed "Responsibility of huge message environmental group near responsibility of Nazca" Promotion of responsibility - Sankei News

【Core of Impact Case】 Former executive of the National Tax Inspector ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

A staff who was thought to have given the impression of "reticent and serious" to the surroundings, and was forced to work on malicious investigators. On the other hand, I repeatedly eat and drink with former executives, and had a "backside" to go with overseas trips. What happened to the background of deepening into the "prohibited territory" called the "Korea Federation" which can be said to be an "anti-national tax organization"?

Five people died after administration of anticancer agent "Causality can not be denied" NHK News

"Change of walls of machiya without permission" Kyoto City Executive Execution NHK News

CNN.co.jp: Korean Air Vice President Delays Delayed Departure Departure Departure Method of Nuts

Toray Industries to acquire carbon fiber business from Italy NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
I can not like the Hatena bookmark page for ladies - yomogaki blog

I thought that this is not a story limited to Hatena, but I thought it was a type of webpage that I saw for a while, but why many websites for women are topics like food, beauty, travel, fashion, etc. Are not they dealing with topics such as politics, economics, science, etc. side by side?

Somehow, I felt like being stupid, I feel guilty. It is obviously a page for women, because it orders separately from the normal page and induces it with the phrase "I was happy with bookmarks for women", the page for that woman was made childish rather than normal ing. I do not like that. I feel uncomfortable like being stupid.

It is absolutely a lie to say that you are drunk and not remembering it

JASRAC seemed to be too much a straw doll, so try a little relaxation for a proper discussion: a noble castle

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Amazon.co.jp: Comic Market Store
"To raise morale in advance".

Half of high school student net users "I do not know how to confirm the correctness of information on the net" - INTERNET Watch

Meanwhile, 38.9% of junior high school students' Internet users answered that they do not know how to confirm whether the information on the Internet is correct or not. This will increase to 49.2% in high school students.

Apple, inevitable to place research and development bases in Yokohama | Original | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

There is "Keihin Coastal Department Life Innovation International Strategy Comprehensive Special Zone" in the Minatomirai where R & D base is located. Apple is expected to set up bases by participating in this special zone.

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister, reveals that Apple will place one of the largest research and development bases in Asia in Japan | NEWS | Mac treasure appraisal blog (Compass)

Apple's R & D expenditure is increasing year by year, and in 2013 it had been reported that R & D offices were set up in Sweden, plans to set up in Taiwan, Shanghai and others.

Looking at the recruitment information, it seems that it is also installed in the Czech Republic, and in the United States, we also have an R & amp; D office in Austin, Texas, Orlando, Melbourne, Florida, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, We have opened it.

Yakst - What you should not say to programmers beginners

Lenovo may ignite power cord voluntarily collecting NHK News

Notice of voluntary collection of power cord - Lenovo Support (JP)

[Please be careful] Installing Visual Studio 2012 target update KB 3002339 delivered on Windows Update on December 10 causes problems such as system hanging

Nippon Telecommunications, 03 number (03 - xxxx - xxxx) Sumaho is finally coming December 13 (Saturday) advance sale

Nippon Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") will start commercial service of "03 smaho" that can be called at 03 number (03 - xxxx - xxxx) anywhere in Japan anywhere. The fixed telephone network and mobile network convergence (FMC: Fixed Mobile Convergence), which was expected from more than 10 years ago, will eventually be realized in this 03 smartphone.


03 Sumaho | b-mobile SIM

Device name: LG G2 mini

Amazon Web Services Blog: 【AWS announcement】 AWS OpsWorks Update - Supports existing EC 2 instance and on-premises server

Things to think about from coverage | Trend Micro Security Blog (Trend Micro Security Blog by virus analysts)

How does Apple's DEP: Device Enrollment Program change the introduction of iOS devices?

PC virus: Automatically copied documents 110 with high altru ... Creating high 2 documents - Mainichi Newspaper

In fact, it is said that there were about 7,500 cases nationwide in the spring, suspected to be caused by virus infection.

Troubled: Internet · Trivia "SIM Free"

In news and newspaper articles related to smartphones, the term "SIM free" is increasingly seen. Also released the other day
In the iPhone 6/6 Plus which was released, "SIM free version" was released at the same time as it was released from mobile phone company, it became a big topic. this
"SIM Free" What is different between smartphones and other smartphones?

Next to the game is this! The New York Times | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leader

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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest | SQUARE ENIX

Week maga editor is a fan female and sashimi drinking - Togetter Summary

City-certified Moe character, "Aki Shima Meg" Mie, Shima: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Midorishinbo" Original Author Rebuts To This Publication / Entertainment / Daily Sports online

Shiroishi Gakaro "I do not know what cosplayer is trying to express" - Togetter Summary

"Winnie the Pooh" illustration original painting, bid successfully with 59 million yen 1 highest photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

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Study "Olympic education" in small, medium and high school Nursing consciousness to Tokyo Convention: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Face of the Squadron hero behind" Ikemen actor goes through the happening bar | East sports web? Tokyo sports newspaper

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Year-end limited party size new appearance from luxury taste potatoic using lobster powder! "Poteric luxury shrimp salt butter taste" December 15 (Monday) New release for a limited time!

House "Tonari Corn" 75 g (boxed), 37 g (bag included) Launched nationwide from January 19, 2015

Nissin Kaleh Meshi × Porin Key "Pinky Curry Mesh (Flavor Beef)" From "Mesh (Rice)" Fabric to "Curry Mesh"

Of the "Superior Club Sound" series top model "SE-MX 9"
New Color Premium Red Model Releases | Press Releases | News | Pioneer Corporation

Improve quality as a new genre "Asahi off" of purine body 85% off ※, carbohydrate 70% off ※ Improve alcohol degree, further improve the "amazing"! ~

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