Amazon began offering services that can deliver the items of the market place at the shortest on the ordering day

ByKamyar Adl

"Marketplace" that anyone can use for selling items using Amazon's mechanism is useful when looking for items that are not required for second-hand use, but further service is likely to be convenientMakeup on the day of departure Hurry / Makeup Owner's Express HurryIt has become clear that the provision of ". Help: About Makeup Express Hurry

This is provided to the seller who is selling at the Amazon marketplace, and when the business person ship the item directly to the purchaser (shipping the item to the seller), the earlier delivery schedule date It can be specified.

The specified example looks something like this. By using "Make-up day-hurry" instead of "hurry", items on the marketplace can be obtained on that day.

Screen of order confirmation. There is an increasing number of choices of "Makeup on the day the day you hurry" "Makeup Express Hurry" at the top and bottom of regular delivery.

This service can be used by a distributor who uses large-selling listing service and meets delivery quality standard set by Amazon. By setting the target area and applicable products with the auction management tool, you will be able to present the next day of order (the day you ordered within 23 wards) as the delivery schedule date of the seller shipping at the shortest. Applicable target areas and shipping fee can be set by the seller.

Since there is no means to choose from the user side when it is not set up, it may be good to think about lucky if options come out.

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