A former executive who sold Apple 's trade secret to a outside sentenced to 1 year in prison and a fine of more than 500 million yen

ByChris Potter

According to Apple's former officer Paul Singh Devine who was indicted in 2010 as having sold internal information inside the company to subcontractors, sentenced to just one year of imprisonment and a fine of approximately $ 4.5 million (about 540 million yen) It went down.

Former Apple Executive Sentenced To One Year In Prison For Defrauding Apple In Kickback Scheme And Laundering The Proceeds Of The Fraud | USAO-NDCA | Department of Justice

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Corrupt Apple exec sentenced to 1 year in prison

In July 2005 Mr. Divine joined Apple as a manager in charge of selecting and managing parts suppliers for iPods and worked as a global supply manager until 2010.

According to the study, Divine received money from a supplier who delivered parts of Apple products since 2007, and in return, was handing information that corresponded to the trade secret such as the expected price of the product and product specifications . Even if it is only found, more than 1 million dollars (86 million yen at the time of the rate) from six companies in Asia are handed down to the defendant and furthermore, money received using CPK Engineering paper company is money I also know that it was laundering.

Divine was charged with wired communications misconduct, money laundering, conspiracy and other sentence of prison sentences for a year. The amount of penalty imposed is 4.5 times as much as the amount received as a bribe.

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