Which is better, "morning person" who is good at morning and "night type person" who is good at night?

Some people can work energetically from the morning with an early bed gathering early in the morning, others are weak in the morning, but some people come head to head at night. A movie that explains reasons such as "morning person" and "night person" and features of each, in an easy to understand manner by illustrationEarly Birds vs Night Owls(Morning person VS VS night person) "is released.

Early Birds vs Night Owls - YouTube

Although there is a proverb "Early birds gets the worm.", Early birds early birds (Early Birds) tend to get up late compared to night type people (Night Owls) Is it "gaining"?

I know that it is predetermined at the genetic level whether it will be a morning person or a night person.

It is convenient for people of ancient times to have two types of people, morning and night, in order to live together.

That is because someone is awake when a friend is asleep, because he was able to protect himself from the enemies.

However, contemporary society has no danger of being attacked by foreign enemies. Also, social life is a fixed time between 9 am and 5 am in the evening.

Then, it is inevitable that living at 9 o'clock to 5 o'clock will be painful for evening people. To fall into the "jet lag" state in which the night type human beings are dull during the day, the work of the head is "Social Jet Lag (Social Jet Lag)In recent years, it has been called a problem.

The night type human brain in which a social jet lag is occurring is a brain of the mind compared to the morning human braingray matterIt is clear that there are many white matter with few nerve cell bodies.

Also, since there are many white matter, stabilize feelings and make you feel betterSerotoninYaDopamineIt is also known that there are few neural pathways through which hormones pass.

However, night type people are not all bad things. Night-time people tend to have high creativity and cognitive abilities, and we know that adventurous spirit is active.

Also,CortisolThe secretion level of stress hormone is high and responsiveness to a crisis situation is agile. Thanks to that, we tend to take risks. However, there are research results that are dedicated and easy to earn money.

In addition, morning persons can act immediately after they wake up, but I also know that they get tired sooner than the night type humans. Also, as for the morning person and the night type person, the reflection speed after one hour since it got up is almost the same, but I know that evening type people are higher after 10 hours.

A variety of proteins made from DNA are acting on the body clock, according to genetic researchers, a slight difference in the genetic code called period 1 has an effect on the time when the morning occurs.

Unbelievably, the time that it is easy for death in the morning style and night type is also different, and researchers report that morning persons are around 11 am and night type people are liable to die before 6 pm I will.

It is certain that it is easy to become an evening person at puberty where a change in hormonal balance occurs, but that trend will fit with growth.

It is a difficult problem to get either a morning person or a night person, but it seems that there is no loss as you know which type you are.

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