Not well-known about clothing such as "model of dog's paws for shoe soles" Alecole

In clothes casually wearing every day, there is a story that is not well known,BuzzFeedVideoHas released a movie that summarizes Alecolle on clothes.

11 Things Men Do not Know About About Their Clothes - YouTube

Boat shoes sometimes called deck shoes ......

Mr. Paul Sperry of the mariner was invented as a slippery shoe even in a slippery place such as a ship's deck.

Mr. Sperry invented shoes that do not slip by placing a groove in the shoe sole of a boat shoe.

Mr. Sperry who saw the state of the dog Prince running around without sliding on the deck confirmed the back of Prince 's feet wondering, and there was a groove between the meat balls on the back of Prince' s foot I realized that I got an idea to insert a groove in the shoe sole.

A bow tie that may be worn at a wedding ceremony or party, has a stylish and smart image ......

In the United States, a Republican member may wear, so possibly misunderstanding ants.

A button on the shirt collar.

Shirt collar button,PoloA sports player riding a horse or an elephant and the like hit a ball so as to prevent the collar from turning back and forth during the game.

But polo shirts are not polo ... ...

It is clothes made for tennis.

The shirt collar and the shirt with the button on the front are the official name "button down shirt".

Although there is no button on the collar of the shirt, the button is attached to the front ......

It is "button front shirt".

A triangular space attached to the neck of the sweat.

This is called V Gazette and it seems that it was made for sweat stoppers and expansion and contraction reinforcement.

"YKK" often seen in zipper

YKK is Japan's leading nonferrous metal manufacturer "YKK Corporation"It is the alphabet letter of the initial letter of" Yoshida Industry Co., Ltd. "which was the name of the company until 1994.

For women's shirts the front button is on the left hand side ......

Men are the opposite.

Why the women 's shirt has a button on the left side, in Europe around the 13th century when the shirt began to appear, a nobleman woman who could wear a shirt was dressed in servants .

It seems that the button is attached to the left hand side for the women so that the servant is easy to put on clothes with the right hand which is dominant hand.

One survey found that one out of eight men wear pants 2-3 times before washing them with a washing machine. However, as this survey may have been conducted for American men, it is not necessarily applicable to Japanese.

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