How was the birth of "Tetris", the king of puzzle games born in the Soviet Union?


Including franchises, "Tetris"More than 70 million related game titles are sold worldwide, and the number downloaded from mobile terminals exceeds 100 million. What kind of person is Mr. Alexei Pasitnov, the creator of Tetris, one of the most popular games in the world, and how Tetris was bornMotherboardIs approaching.

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It was Russian game developer Alexei Pasitnov who developed "Tetris", a world famous puzzle game. Mr. Pazitonov was also a scientist who was engaged in research on artificial intelligence (AI) and speech recognition during the Cold War,Yoshi's cookieIt is also a person engaged in a puzzle game called "Puzzle game".

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Mr. Pazitonov was a member of the Soviet Socialist Republic Federal Academy of SciencesRussian Academy of Sciences) I worked in. The workplace was very narrow, and it seems that 15 people worked together in a space where 4 or 5 people can work. Also, because there was no other labor space, "I used my desk with the other three people," Mr. Pazitonov talks about the difficult workplace at the time.

Mr. Pazitonov was conducting research on AI and speech recognition in this narrow workplace. Scientists at the then Academy of Sciences did not know "what they are doing research leading to what they are doing". However, there seems to be rumors about what kind of research was used for research. Rumors circulated within the Academy of Sciences at the time include "There was a speech recognition technology adopted in order to be able to operate fighter aircraft hands-free under Takashigei", which is Mr. Pazitonov's speech recognition It was the result of the research on Mr. Pasitnov himself.

Mr. Alexei Pasitnov who is the creator of Tetris is such a person. Mr. Pazitonov's Russian hug is said to have been very intense, "He is a male and female, he grew up kissing her lip when greeting", says old colleague Scott Tsumura.

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Mr. Pazitonov was one of the programming languages ​​to conduct experiments and tests of AI and speech recognition in the age of such Soviet Socialist Republic Federal Academy of SciencesPascalIt is said that he developed a game using it. Some of the games created at this time,Microsoft Entertainment PackIt is said that it is recorded in Tetris.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack was released in 1989, but Tetris was officially released by the Soviet Socialist Republic Federal Academy of Sciences in June, 1984. But even before that, Tetris was prevalent among Russian scientists and computer geeks in the Academy of Sciences, and the data of Tetris stored on floppy disks was in the hands of many Russian intellectuals is.

That triggered Tetris spread around the world was held in Las Vegas in 1988Consumer · Electronics · Show(CES), at the exhibition site at the game makerBPSFounder ofGenk Brower RogersI will stop in Mr. eyes. And in the following year 's 1989, Tetris sales in the USA began from BPS.

Tetris landed in Japan in 1988, the explosive growth of Tetris' popularity in Japan was due to the arcade version of Tetris (also known as Sega Tetris) released in the same year in the same year It is said.

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Tetris became a big hit all over the world, but the Soviet Socialist Republic Federal Academy of Sciences who was enrolled when Mr. Pazitonov developed Tetris is a state-owned institution, and Tetris works on government computers during business hours Because it was what was, Tetris and various rights related to it were all owned by the Soviet Union. That is why Pasitnov never enters a massive amount of money even after a huge hit by Tetris, and Mr. Pazitonov himself will immigrate to the US in 1990 and join BPS.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1996 after the complicated legal process the right on Tetris returned to Mr. Pasitnov. At the same time Mr. Pazitonov joined Microsoft and he was in charge of planning games related projects as an idea man.

After joining Psitonov, Microsoft will start developing Xbox. About this, Mr. Pazitonov said "It was unfortunate for me, I was interested in puzzle games, but Xbox was not hardware for puzzle games, I worked at Microsoft I searched for a peaceful game title that I could engage so that I could continue, because I do not like shooting games, "Psitonov says.

In addition, "Microsoft was not very good at games, did not understand the essence of the game, there were not enough experts to develop games and I was not going to hire the necessary personnel, In the first two or three years of Xbox development it was a totally miserable event, we canceled it after starting a number of projects, both good projects and bad projects were mixed up, "he says. In such a period, Mr. Pazitonov's project for puzzle game for PC designed has been all rejected, and this reason is "It is necessary to play game on Xbox", Microsoft's murmuring endlessly, PC Mr. Pazitonov says, because the game for games was not seen.

It is Mr. Pasitonov who spent such a painful Xbox dawn in Microsoft, but in 2001 the Xbox got "HaloSince its release, Microsoft's game department has also changed considerably.

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In 2005 after the dot com bubble burst, Mr. Pazitonov has left Microsoft, but after leaving the company, it is a short-term contract with Microsoft to make it available for Xbox 360HexicI am working on developing a puzzle game called.

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