I tried to imprint with the world's thinnest 0.34 mm mobile seal stamp "smart seal"

It is common for you to notice that you forgot Hanko only after being asked for seal by a government office, and you have to run to buy Hanko in a panic. Such a "forgetting a handkerchief" can be settled, Hanko which can hold it in a wallet and carry it anywhere at any time is "Smart seal"is.

Smart stamp | The world's thinnest 0.34 mm mobile seal

Smart smart seal today began selling at some stores of Tokyu Hands from November 21, 2014. So I arrived at Tokyu Hands.

"Please give me a smart seal," it was in the midst of displaying in the shop immediately after arrival. It is said that 100 kinds of major surname are available as the initial seal smart seal.

I bought a surname "Yamazaki" that there are about 500,000 people nationwide.

How to use detach it with a perforation, remove the backing paper and paste it on the part you want to imprint. After 3 to 5 seconds grinding, just remove the semitransparent sheet slowly and it's super easy.

The smart seal is 12 410 yen (410 yen) with 12 sets.

It is certainly thin. "The world's thinnest 0.34 mm seal" is not a date.

It is easy to keep it in a regular wallet or purse as it is in the form of a sheet.

Is it possible to stamp the paper successfully?

Before imprinting, I will prepare at the movie of the official website below.

How to use smart seal - YouTube

Do not worry whether you are going to work really well.

I tried to imprint with the world's thinnest 0.34 mm mobile seal "Smart Seal" - YouTube

I could stamp the paper more easily than I thought. I stamped it like an official movie and tried to break the paper and the paper broke so that the imprint was peeling off.

However, the seal impression itself is stuck firmly to the paper, no irregularities are felt even if it traces with the finger, there is no sign of peeling even if rubbing it. If you look closely, it has been reproduced up to "blemishes", and the appearance texture does not change at all from the seal of the ordinary Hanko.

The seal stamp of the smart seal is a level that is indistinguishable from the seal of ordinary Hanko, and there is no problem for the part to use as a signature. In the survey by the vendor, when I used it at a company, a government office, etc., the stamp acceptance rate was 97.4%. It seems that it can be used as a general seal for many occasions.

The surname provided at the time of article creation is as follows.

Line A:
Aoki Abe Ando Ikeda Ishii Ishikawa Ishida Itou Inoue Imai Iwasaki Ueda
Ueno Uchida Endo Ota Otsuka Onisho Ono Okada Okamoto Ogawa Ono
Kanako Kato Kikuchi Kinoshita Kimura Kubo Kubo Kono Kojima Goto Kobayashi Koyama Kondo
Say line:
Saito Saito Sakai Sakamoto Sasaki Sato Sano Shibata Shimizu Sugawara Sugiyama Suzuki
Takagi Takada Takahashi Takeuchi Takeda Tanaka Taniguchi Tamura Chiba
Nakagawa Nakajima Nakano Nakamura Nakayama Nogami Noguchi Nomura
The line:
Hashimoto Hasegawa Hayashi Hara Harara Hirano Fukuda Fujii Fujita Fujimoto Fujiwara
Maeda Masuda Matsuo Matsuo Matsuda Matsumoto Maruyama Miura Miyazaki Miyamoto Murakami Murata Mori Morita
And line:
Yamaguchi Yamazaki Yamashita Yamada Yamamoto Yokoyama Yoshida
Wa line:
Wada Watanabe Watabe

Smart stamps are Tokyu Hands (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Umeda, Hakata)Special material wholesalerSold on. The type of surname is scheduled to be expanded from time to time.

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