"Leaf sushimi of autumn leaves" using colorful leaves to sell only for autumn leaves season Taste review

Persimmon leaf sushi is a local cuisine of Nara, Wakayama, Ishikawa, Persimmon leaf sushi in perseverance in persimmons of Nara prefecture can also be purchased at Shin - Osaka and Kyoto stations, others are eating in the Shinkansen I will. In Sakurai City of Nara Prefecture "Persimmon leaves sushi Mountain side"According to the season of autumnal leaves where persimmon leaves turn from green to red or orange"Autumn leaves persimmon leaves sushi"We sell. Unfortunately already online orders have been sold out, but since we can purchase at Sakurai shop, we went to the shop.

Persimmon leaves sushi Mountain side

The location of the store is 676-2 Yamada Sakurai, Nara Prefecture. Next to the "Asuka Museum of Art" is a landmark.

Arrived at "Sakurai main store side of the mountain". The store was open from 10 o'clock, but as long as 15 minutes ago it was beginning to be a long line. The customer's aim is "the leaves of the autumn leaves sushi".

When you tell the order at the window, the store person fills the persimmon leaf sushi in a box.

Full reservation system "Persimmon leaf sushi experience dojoIn fact, it is possible to experience persimmon leaf sushi making on your own. Lunch will be served to make 25 persimmon leaf sushi, and the fee is 5000 yen without tax.

By handmade all, handmade feeling is full of boxing as well. I will buy 30 pieces of a mix of salmon and mackerel (4750 yen including tax) at once.

A takeaway box is as simple as a white paper bag.

Inside the paper bag was an explanation of persimmon leaf sushi and a guide of persimmon leaf sushi experience dojo.

Persimmon leaves Sushi leaves use leaves from June to October, leaves of autumn leaves from November to December, salted ones from January to May.

A warm blue wrapping cloth was used for 30 pieces.

When opened it is even wrapped in blue paper.

I ordered the mix, so there was a yellow seal on it.

After peeling the wrapping paper, persimmon leaf sushi that came in a wooden box appeared.

Various persimmon leaves were stuck with clean paper.

On the back of the package, there is a description of red persimmon leaf sushi and a method of preservation.

When opening a wooden box, not a single green color, but a colorful autumn leaf appeared.

Raw materials are rice, mackerel, salmon, vinegar, sugar, salt, condiments (amino acids etc.) are used, the expiration date is 3 days.

Autumnal leaves persimmon leaves sushi are very beautiful in various colors, making tension rising before eating.

Persimmon leaves are green or orange

Orange and yellow mixed color

It also contains dark green leaves.

It is not separated from salmon / mackerel depending on color, but you can see the fish contained in it from the side. Apparently this time it seems that the top is mackerel and the bottom is salmon.

The leaves produce a stunning gradation.

Try peeling the leaves and it looks like this.

Salmon uses high protein and low fat natural salmon from Hokkaido and you can see that it has a grayish skin.

Rice is somewhat crushed, but persimmon leaf sushi is common.

When I try to eat, because the autumn is in season, the fat is firmly on the salmon, but the greasiness is suppressed by vinegar entering, the umami, sourness and saltiness are just right balance. Although the flavor of the persimmon leaf is somewhat attached, the flavor was not so strong so far since it only lasted about 5 hours since I bought a freshly made one. As time goes by, you can eat persimmon leaves more strongly, so depending on your taste, it will be good to sit for 1 to 2 days.

Mackerel is made from Yaizu and has a silver-laden skin.

When I try to eat, I have a stronger fat than salmon, and the taste of vinegar is also strong, but it is a creation that none of the umami, acidity, sweetness etc protrudes and it is beautifully assembled. Like a salmon persimmon leaf sushi It is easy to eat people who are not good at fresh fish because the fishy odor is suppressed by wrapping it in leaves or using a lot of vinegar.

Persimmon leaf sushi basically is not a thing to eat with leaves,How to eat with leaves attachedI tried it because there was also.

When eating with leaves, the flavor and lushness are too strong, and the umami of the fish can hardly be tasted. It seems to be good for health, but again it is correct to eat leaves and eat.

Autumnal leaves persimmon leaf sushi is sold until around the end of December and is open from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the season of autumn leaves persimmon leaf sushi often sells out in the morning. Persimmon leaf sushi On the side of the mountain we also conduct mail order, but mail order from November to December isAlready sold out for popularitySo, people who really want to eat has become the only situation to go to Nara.

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