`` Interstellar '' is full of science fiction

In conclusion, the science fiction movie “

Interstellar ” that will be released in Japan from November 22 belongs to a fairly hard science fiction when considered as a movie, but it is a fairly standard category when considered as a science fiction novel. , That will be a great feeling.

Therefore, depending on the amount of pre-requisite knowledge possessed by the appreciating side, such as “How much science knowledge do you have?” And “How much knowledge do you have about black holes, worm holes, singularities, and five dimensions?” , The level that the difference between heaven and earth appears in the impression.

Moreover, although it is a hard SF of Gorigoririgari in this volume, that is why there is almost no explanation and explanation about the

SF proof part backed by actual scientific knowledge, knowledge and theory, and it is as a serif About to come out.

For this reason, if we look at the lack of knowledge, it would be unfortunate that we can only understand in such a direction as 'love of father and daughter', transcendence since the '

2001 Space Journey ' and ' Contact ' You will not be able to understand the tremendous experience of visualizing hard sci-fi sci-fi in hard mode and showing it in front of you.

On the contrary, the true value of Interstellar exists as a movie from Hollywood that has been pushed up to the level of `` Science of fiction like science fiction '', the human drama part is The frank impression is that it is only what stands out if there is a super-class SF.

The first thing I feel when I see Interstellar is that Japanese animation is still at a level where you can fight against the cutting edge of Hollywood. If you have already enjoyed all three of “

Aim for the Top! ”, “ Aim for the Top 2! ”, And “The Four- Tatami Half Myth System ” and have a sense of wonder that feels “interesting!” If you do this, you will become a sledge that appears in the interstellar, Fumufumu. Rather than say deepening, “Black hole!” “Worm hole!” “ Urasima effect !” “Relativity theory!” “Singularity!” “Beyond dimensions!” “Warp! It ’s a movie that can be grinned as it burns & sprinkles.

You can tell how much you are actually working on as a sci-fi by looking at the making video with Japanese subtitles that is 13 minutes below.

Movie `` Interstellar '' special video [HD] released on November 22, 2014-YouTube

'Aiming for scientific accuracy from the start of this work'

'How far has science progressed from the perspective of different dimensions of gravity?'

'The effect of gravity and light around the black hole'

“Draw faithfully in science”

“Fortunately, the authority of gravity, Kip Thorne”

'Thanks for your cooperation'

'Spacetime Black Hole About Wormhole'

'One of authority'

'From the beginning of actual science production in the story'

“It ’s a very deep feature”

'The visual effects team led by Paul'

'We created realistic images based on Kip data'

“The resulting video was spectacular.”

'After analyzing physics, science and mathematics'

'There were lots of realistic video tips'

'There has never been a movie that accurately depicts wormholes.'

“Black holes are the same.”

'This is the first time I have drawn it.'

'Based on Einstein's general theory of relativity'

Therefore, the titles of famous science fiction novels, movies, etc. were slightly changed in the final story of their own work. “Endless, the end of the flow…” “The successor of the stars…” The movie director Hideaki Kanno, who is known for “Evangelion New Theatrical Version”, has the following impressions.

Visually overwhelming because of stoic. CG image specialized in inorganic materials and physical calculation. Simple and wonderful drama and story. Directing with actors who do not feel the 3 hours of screening time at all. It is a masterpiece. It was interesting. If you have time, I recommend watching at IMAX.
― Hideaki Anno (Film Director)

From the viewpoint that the impression will be different depending on how much such SF-like knowledge is, the comment of each movie director below is `` Oh, so I am writing such a comment '' I understand well.

What do people throw their lives for? While shaking the intellect and curiosity of the viewer, the answer is guided as if it were a scientist. Time, spacetime and beyond dimensions. A hope for the future drawn by an image revolutionary Nolan on an unprecedented scale.
―Keiji Otomo (Film Director)

This movie exists in a world that no one has ever seen, in a different dimension that no one can reach. This is a “creative” that transcends movies.
―Li Soe Sun (Film Director)

“My father alone saves the world, even if my daughter loves me.” The philosophy that Director Christopher Nolan has consistently held since the Dark Knight has been inherited in this work. Even if nobody asks you to save the world. Nolan slimming lyric.
-Kenji Kamiyama (Animation film director)

For those who like relativity and quantum theory, this is a movie of the Cosmic Space. But it's never difficult. In this movie, the “first experience” is waiting for you to feel the love of your father and daughter with all your heart, astonishment, and excitement at the end of a vast universe beyond human imagination.
― Kentaro Otani (film director)

Their imagination strikes the door of hope across dimensions. Although I was trembling in the five-dimensional expression, tears did not stop in the parent-child bond. What a romantic story of delivering love across space and time.
―Koji Morimoto (Anime Director)

That's not to say, if you don't have science fiction knowledge, it's not so. Rather, the first lap is simply an appreciation as a `` major human drama set in the universe, '' and then the second lap once again with some prerequisite knowledge. If you appreciate it, you will be able to understand that it is such a depiction / direction here! Wasn't it just convenient ?! When I saw it in the era, I felt it was somewhat interesting, but when I grew up and became a member of society, I could understand the true meaning and see it more. Should be easy to get.

Furthermore, in terms of whether or not there is a premise knowledge, it is inevitable that if you go to see it with the same “

inception ” that was the previous work of Interstellar director Christopher Nolan, it will be inevitable.

At the inception, there is a kind of unique dream structure and hierarchy, such as 'Dream in Dreams, Dreams in Dreams', and no one in the audience watching the movie has such knowledge. That's why I explained a lot of things in the early part of the movie, so thanks to the film-like scene cuts and techniques, I entered the 'dream' and then 'Where is the dream?' This trick-like way of working was very effective.

However, the biggest feature of the interstellar is that the area is almost silent. Since the screening time itself is a movie with `` 169 minutes '', it is also behind the fact that there was virtually no time to configure and explain the serious SF setting so that even a hard SF movie beginner can understand I feel like there is.

In this way, the background that can be divorced, “I only need to know who knows it, I will not give a stupid explanation!”, In the first place the number and number of people watching movies in the United States This is probably because it is overwhelmingly more than in Japan.

In the United States, there are many stories about sci-fi settings in TV dramas, and when you look at Japanese dramas, there are very few things that are biased towards science fiction. Therefore, there is a difference in experience value on the audience side, `` It is popular in the United States, but it may not be that good evaluation in Japan, '' `` Evaluation is only in `` understandable range '' because you can suddenly show something you are not used to As a result, it may be misunderstood that it is a movie with the theme of love 'only' '' Because there are many parts that are too hard sci-fi, so if you leave it alone, it will be like 'Dark Knight' It is “well done” in a different sense, so as to be worried that there may be a feeling that “it did not hit only in Japan”.


Jonathan Nolan , the younger brother of the director who was responsible for the script for Interstellar, will be responsible for the script of Asimov's science fiction “Foundation” .

That's why, “I lost my mind because I was writing reviews, impressions, love, father, daughter, family, etc. I want to see SF movies, human drama The more people who say, “It ’s a touching movie with tears!”, The movie that should go to see, “Interstellar”.

'Do not greet the night quietly'

'Sages are inspired by darkness'

“Challengingly challenge the disappearing light”

Movie `` Interstellar '' notice 3 [HD] released on November 22, 2014-YouTube

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