"T card personal information offer new arrival bot" that T card notifies companies providing personal information

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From November 1, 2014,T pointThe Culture · Convenience Club (CCC) which manages the service announces revision of the T membership agreement, and "Personal information is automatically provided to affiliated companies"Third party provision"It was started. manually"Procedure to stop providing personal information"Personal information will never be delivered arbitrarily, but personal information will be automatically provided to new affiliated companies that will increase from time to time as necessary. So you can monitor and check additional companies Twitter account "T card Personal information offer destination new bot"Has appeared.

T card Personal information offer new bot (@ cc_privacy_ bot) | Twitter

New and added partner companies are "CCC's website"Companies targeted for suspension of providing personal information(PDF file) "will be added to it. Since notification will not come from CCC at the time of updating the PDF file or adding a partner company, in order to prevent the leakage of personal information, it is necessary to check the PDF file every day to stop the procedure.

Although it can force impossibly troublesome work, if you follow "T card personal information offer destination new arrival bot", you will be informed twice of the update of the PDF file one by one.

Developer's@ Sue445According to Mr. san, specifically, "A page that can download the PDF of the supplier company once every 30 minutes (http://qa.tsite.jp/faq/show/2512) "→" Download PDF to acquire company list of suppliers "→" Mutt with bots if there is new arrivals "is repeated. You need to do the opt-out work manually, but if you do follow up for the time being, you can avoid wasteful effort.

T card Personal information provider I made a new bot - Chest Diary

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