IPad Air 2 is proved to be more than twice the performance of iPhone 6 with adoption of a super-class grade GPU design

Apple, famous for its secretive nature, is famous for thoroughly hiding information on new products, often not revealing detailed specs even after announcing it. For exampleIPhone 6We have not officially announced the memory capacity of. For the GPU of the iPad Air 2 that it is human nature that you want to know because of secret and you know that it is overwhelmingly high performance from the benchmark result,AnandTechWhile considering it in detail, I guess its contents.

AnandTech | Apple A 8 X's GPU - GXA 6850, Even Better Than I Thought

This is a table that compares the performance by arranging the successive SoCs used by Apple's mobile terminals in order from left to right. SoC installed in iPad Air 2A8X"Has a 1.5 GHz CPU, 2 GB memory, and a tentative" GXA 6850 "GPU. In addition, "A8" is adopted for iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Although Apple does not disclose detailed specs about A8X, it is clearly found from data that can be acquired via OS that 3 CPU cores and 2 MB cache are available. However, as for the GPU, the performance was still determined both by the clock speed called "GPU width" as well as the clock speed, so the details were still unknown. So AnandTech undertook work to infer the GPU from the benchmark results.

This is a popular benchmark application "GFXBench 3.0"The graph showing the benchmark result of Apple made mobile terminal by. You can see that the iPad Air 2 is a transcendent GPU performance that separates the iPhone 6/6 Plus more than twice.

From this result, AnandTech is A8XPowerVRI thought that it was aimed at GX6650.

HoweverChipworksThe analysis image of the A8X chip published by the company said that Apple has adopted "another 8-cluster dedicated GPU" different from the six PowerVR series 6XT with six clusters on iPad Air 2 . For that reason, AnandTech named itself "GXA 6850" on behalf of Apple that does not reveal the codename.

This is a table comparing GPU performance based on AnandTech speculation. For iPhone 6/6 Plus equipped with A8 (GX6450), iPad Air 2 with A8X (GXA6850) will have GPU performance two steps higher.

Logical map of GXA 6850 looks like this. Of course, informal ones guessed by AnandTech.

Apple has not announced the die size of SoC chips, but AnandTech's prediction is like this. It is speculated that the A8X adopts a 20 nm process with a die size of 128 square millimeters.

It is iPad Air 2 that adopts GPU with more than twice the performance of iPhone 6/6 Plus, but on top there is something above, NVIDIA SoC "Tegra K1NVIDIA equipped withSHIELD tabletIt is clear from the benchmark results that GPU performance of iPad AirPlayer 2 exceeds iPad Air 2. The difference is not so big, and the iPad Air 2 · SHIELD tablet is "two strong" state where GPU performance is far apart from other mobile terminals. The GPU performance of A8X · Tegra K1 will become the benchmark (standard) of other mobile terminal SoC in the future, GPU performance of the mobile terminal is likely to further evolve.

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