Haagen-Dazs "Japoné <strawberry azuki>" is the highest quality Japanese ice cream

From September 5 (Wednesday) to November 5 (Wednesday) as the third series of "Japonées" series jointly developed by Seven Eleven and Haagen DazsStrawberry azuki"Is on sale. Even though it was limited to Seven Eleven, it was somewhat expensive but I bought it and tried to eat it as a dish that made it focused on the elegant flavor of authentic Japanese style sweetness.
Ice cream desert Haagen Dazs "Japoné " combining strawberry and Japanese materials ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

Haagen Dazs Japone Kanto This Week's New Item | Seven - Eleven - Nearby and Convenient ~

Japone's Strawberry Azuki is a package based on pink and black.

Strawberry sauce strawberry sauce, vanilla ice, strawberry and azuki beans can be confirmed in the image image.

Milk fat content is somewhat low at 9.5%, and raw materials can be confirmed cream · collapse · defat concentrated milk · strawberry sauce · sugar · strawberry pulp · sweetened condensed milk · egg yolk · salt etc. Calories are 270 kcal.

When opening it, the inner pig of vinyl is the same as other Haagen Dazs Mini Cup.

When opening the inner pig, the ice with red strawberry sauce appears.

The sauce was not tight, it was soft. I will scoop and eat it.

A moderate sour taste is felt from the sauce that plenty of strawberry is used, compatibility with azuki beans with a moderate sweetness and a grainy feeling is outstanding. Although I imagined the taste like Ichigo Daifuku before eating, because I taste of milk, I felt a different impression again.

When viewed from the side, you can see that the strawberry sauce · flesh filled strawberry ice cream · tsu sauan sauce · milk ice cream are layered.

Strawberry ice cream with pulp filling, Haagen-DazsstrawberryIt contains pulp in the same way as it is, the texture of strawberries and refreshing acidity are good.

Azuki beans are grainy, but they are in a sauce-like state and are not solidified in ticks, making it easier to eat. In order to make full use of the taste of materials such as strawberry and red bean, the feeling of cream was suppressed as if it was suppressed.

The layer of milk ice cream on the bottom is slightly feeling the taste of condensed milk, plus moderately rich in the whole. It was surprising that the level of one layer one layer was high and it was surprising that the balance such as acidity and sweetness was properly taken even when eating together, but I felt that the price of 370 yen including tax seemed a bit high.

In addition, Haagen Dazs Japone is a limited-time sale at 7-Eleven.

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