Will the feather fall at the same speed as the iron ball without air? Experiment in the world's largest vacuum chamber

According to Aristotle's dynamics, in the days when it was believed that "heavier things fell as quickly"Galileo GalileiHe thought that the bird 's feather falls slowly because it is disturbed by the air, "wings and iron balls will fall at the same speed in a world without air". Now Galileo's idea is becoming mid-common sense, but what I learned as knowledge. If you experiment with the world's largest vacuum chamber owned by NASA, it will be like whether the wings and iron balls fall at the same speed when falling in the absence of air.

The Hammer-Feather Drop in the world's biggest vacuum chamber | The Kid Should See This

You can see the magnificent falling experiment in the following movie.

Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber - Human Universe: Episode 4 Preview - BBC Two - YouTube

This is an experiment facility of NASA located in Ohio, USASpace Power Facility". There is the world's largest vacuum chamber for reproducing outer space.

The reason why I came to the world's largest vacuum chamber was that of physicistsBrian CoxDoctor.

Looking inside the chamber from below looks like this. Decompression to nearly vacuum state that only 30 g of 30 tons of air is left to leave 2 g.

The chamber is made of aluminum.

However, in anticipation of nuclear spaceship experiments, chambers are surrounded by thick concrete walls to prevent radiation.

A crane hanging a wing and an iron ball appeared.

It will be lifted higher more and more.

Set complete.

First of all, the falling experiment with ordinary condition.

Fall start.

As a matter of course the iron ball reached the ground first.

Feathers are drifting in the air.

Play back the state of falling with slow motion.

You can see well that the wings stand upright with air resistance at the same time of falling.

At last the experiment in the vacuum state. The thick door of the chamber is slowly closed.

It is as strict as a nuclear reactor.

The staff who watches the equipment are also serious.

Full rotation of vacuum pump. It took 3 hours to decompress.

Decompression is completed.

Push the switch and start falling experiment.

It looks the same as before ... ...

This is a vacuum world.

Feathers and iron balls falling side-by-side as if they are synchronized.

It is brilliant how the desk top is realized.

At the same time it falls to the ground.

People who were watching the experiment are smiling.

The man on the right is a "surprisingly expressive face" that is "at the same time ...".

The moment of landing is like this.

After the experiment, Dr. Cox approaching wings and iron balls.

Isaac NewtonDiscovered the existence of "universal gravitation" that "objects fall off because they are pulled by the earth". Dr. Cox seems to be very satisfied that we can confirm that the wings and the iron ball are similarly attracted to the earth.

The same experiment was also conducted on the moon in 1971.

The Hammer and the Feather - YouTube

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