I tried using the "14-day Manga family course" that will allow manga to be drawn up on the 14 th for tress table, movie lecture, professional correction

Original original paper · tone · Millipen · Torres table · 14 days lesson book · model sheet is set and how the manga artist actually draws manga? A set of content contemporary for manga improvement, which enables you to watch the content as a lesson movie and to correct things you painted by professional lecturers will be released from TakaraTomy's "14 days Manga family course"is. Since I was able to borrow the real thing before the sale, I actually saw what it is supposed to be.

14 days Manga family course | Job Academy | Takara Tomy

This is "Manga family course for 14 days".Japanese Manga JukuWith cooperation, you can watch a lesson movie "How do professional manga artists draw manga?" And can receive corrections by professional lecturers by mail or mail.

Unpacking the box.

Some of them included Lesson BOOK, Millipen, Original Tone, Original Original Paper, Model Sheet, Retrieval Applicant Sheet, and Torres Base.

"Lesson BOOK" that this improves manga in 14 lessons

The lesson is 1 page a day, and on the 1st day "Zenkaku, how can you do?" Zakkuri explained how to make a plot to the finishing of the manuscript.

Tips on how to draw concrete pictures were also stated. For example, when drawing a face, start with "take the Atari" and point "how to draw" such as "Let's be aware of bilateral symmetry in front face", "Make sure the base of ears and eyes are at the same height! There were various angle lists.

The balance of the body and the point of division of men and women ... ...

A description of the background pattern in "Background · Let's Produce!"

On the eleventh day of the lesson, "Let's think about your own character", this part can be edited by a professional lecturer who actually drew on dedicated paper.

This is a dedicated paper. Timing of submitting the entry form is OK at the moment of opening the box, even when the 11th day of the lesson is over, even when the lesson is completed at the end of the lesson.

Also, the set contents included a Torres stall.

Compared with iPhone 5s, this is about the size.

We will set three AAA batteries on the back of the main unit.

When twisting the knob next to the main unit, since the light turns on, you can place a piece of paper on the table to enable the tres.

In addition, a model sheet that allows you to practice painting by performing a tres

There were also 3 original tones.

8 original original sheets.

Although it is a little, there are graduations around the manuscript paper.

MillipenNeopico line 3It's black.

Lesson videos showing the fact that "manga artist draws manga" can be viewed from the following website using the password described in the lesson book. Currently scheduled to be available from "Where is OPEN scheduled for November 20!"?

14 days Manga family course | Job Academy | Takara Tomy

There are six lesson videos in total, not corresponding to Lesson BOOK, but they can be viewed separately, but further knowledge gets deeper as you watch the videos together while preparing at lesson BOOK.

Currently the video site has not been opened yet, but you can not watch the video from the website, but I had you show the content a while. So the content of the movie is from below.

Beginning with the commentary on manga ......

Explain using illustrations such as how to draw the face, how to draw the body, and divide the gender.

It is also very easy to understand how to use the Torres table because it is done by the manga artists themselves.

Although it is not a set content, there are introductions of deformable gloves that are convenient when there is.

So I will actually try using the set with reference to lesson movies and lesson BOOK. Original original paper and a sharpening / eraser are prepared.

First of all, I draw an approximate Atari on paper.

"Faces in front are symmetrical" "Eyebrow conscious of connection with nose" "Hair is larger than contour", I will continue to draw while conscious of lecture contents that nods huhumu.

Once I can draw a line, I will try using the Torres stand.

Place the inverted paper on top of the tress table and switch it on so that you can see at a glance which parts of the picture are poorly balanced through the picture.

I will put in corrections from the back side ......

I will go back to the table and trace the correction I put in earlier.

I will fix it up to the details ......


The price is 4500 yen without tax. I will report later on how to use more detailed usage and actual corrections, so please look forward to it.

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I actually used the "14-day Manga family course" that allows me to correct my illustration professionally - GIGAZINE

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