I tried using the application "Hacka Doll" to train two-dimensional characters for Vishi Bashi and distribute animation / games / manga news

"SmartNews"Or"GunosyAlthough there are many news applications for smartphones and others, among them the one that is outrageous is "Hacka Doll"is. Hackador is a news application specialized in genres such as animation, game and manga, and furthermore characters of Hacka Doll 1, 2, 3 are analyzing the user's preference and delivering the news, I actually tried using it.

Hacka Doll: News application synching to you ~ Anime · Game · Manga ~

Hacka Doll for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store: News Application to Synchronize with You ~ Anime · Game · Manga ~

Hacka Doll: News application syncing to you - Android application on Google Play

This time I use Android version Hacka Doll, so I will install from Google Play.

Tap "I agree".

When installation is completed tap icon to start.

Tutorial by Hacka Doll 1 will start, so tap "Next".

Tap "Start initial setting".

Select the genre of the news you want to deliver, so select "Anime" "Game" "Voice Actor" "Cosplay" this time and tap "Next".

You can further subdivide the selected genre. Tap a genre you are not interested in and uncheck it and tap "Next".

Since you are presented with your favorite work, tap on what you do not need to distribute, uncheck and finally tap "watch news immediately" to finish the initial setup.

Hackador delivers 25 news everyday, which means that we will open up a special illustration every time we read it.

Here is the homepage of Hacka Doll. The news of the selected genre is vertically juxtaposed.

It is said that he is putting effort into gathering news such as animation, manga, game, etc. There are many news not covered by general news gathering application.

Tap an article to view details. If you want to read the full text, tap "Read more".

The URL of the article being distributed is opened. Tap the hacka doll icon displayed at the top of the article ......

As you are asked "Did you finish reading this article?", Tap "Hoshii" if you have made progress.

A message saying "Oops! Sorry! Hi, similar articles!" Was displayed.

When I choose "Irani", it says "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, yet it is still a post! In other words, by analyzing "Hoshii" and "Iranai", in future it will deliver a lot of articles related to "Hoshii".

Do not hesitate to write articles that you do not want to deliver in the future ... "Irana" ...

For the article you would like to deliver, give "Hoshii" of reward and train Hacka Doll.

Also, when you tap the icon of the bookmark at the top of the article, you add the article to "Read Later". It is a feature that is likely to be useful when there is no time to read articles.

You can also share articles with SNS or open it in a browser by tapping the bifurcated icon displayed at the top of the article.

When saying "I want to read more about my favorite animation, manga, game news", tap "☆" at the top of the home screen.

Tap "+" at the top right of the screen.

Enter the name of the work of your favorite work or character and tap "Register" ......

It is possible to display only the articles related to the input keyword.

Tap "Products" on the right side of the news to display information on goods and DVDs scheduled to be released related to the specified keywords.

This is the basic function of Hacka Doll, but this is not the only attraction of Hacka Doll. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the home screen ......

You can check "Read later" and "Notice". In the news distribution application called "Hakka Game Center" in the menu, we have a rare feature, so tap and check it.

At the Hacka Game Center, you can play a game where Hacka Dole talks with full voice using the virtual currency "Hacka point" that you can get when you log in or browse articles.

One play is 15 mint. Tap "OK" to start the game.

Since the sound comes out in the game, attention is necessary. In silent mode it will be played without sound. Tap "Start Game" when you are ready.

Because the scenario of the game is lining up with Zlat ......

Select "Birthday celebration" and tap "Play in this scenario!"

The game talks with Hacka Doll No. 1 to raise likability.

You can check the situation of actually playing Hacka Doll's game from the following movie.

I tried playing the game at the museum of hacka - YouTube

When you finish the game, tap "Return to Game Center".

From the game center tap "Gift Collection".

In the gift collection, it displays items acquired in the game.

In this play I got a tumbler mount of Hacka Doll No. 3.

The news that Hacka Doll collects is pretty niche. Moreover, because you can train Hacka Doll so that users can only distribute news you want to read, news delivered will change to user preference. Every time you train, you will see a message from Hacka Doll, enjoy playing games with hacka points, and unlike other news applications, and it's no doubt that you will be looking forward to opening the application every time .

In addition, people in Hacka Doll will talk show and live event "Machi ★ Asobi vol.13The situation can be confirmed from the following article.

People in 2D character news distribution application "Hacka Doll" Talk & Live & High touch - GIGAZINE

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