I made seafood chili sauce set meal using only freeze dried food

Freeze dried food which dried food containing moisture by using vacuum freeze drying technology can be used as an emergency food because of long shelf life, for leisure such as camping and climbing, etc. Also freeze dried miso soup etc. It is quite convenient for people living alone from their convenience.AmazonYaRakutenWhen searching "freeze-dried", since various items are displayed, since the question of "Is quality so high if there are so many?" Has become increasingly doubtful, making set meals only with freeze dried food I decided to eat it.

Muscle Roll Rin Honpo

Side dishes of kyokusyoku

Main dish of kyokusyoku

【Amano Foods Official Online Shop (PC site)】 A long-established store of freeze dried foods such as miso soup - Hitachi bowl

Freeze Dried Apple - 【Amano Foods Official Online Shop (PC Site)】 A long-established store of freeze dried food such as miso soup

So I tried collecting freeze dried food with waste.

I will try making seafood chili sauce set meal for the first item.

White rice,Muscle Roll Rin Honpo'Freeze Dried Rice' for Rice. The price was 385 yen including tax.

Raw materials are domestic rice glutinous rice and vitamin E antioxidant only.

Energy is 200 kcal per serving.

The way to make it, first take out all the contents ......

Pour hot water.

Pour the hot water to the red line on the back of the package OK.

Pour hot water, stir with spoon included, close ziplock and wait for 10 minutes.

While waiting for white rice to be served, I make side dishes, main dishes, miso soup. Click here for freeze-drying to Japanese astronauts staying at the International Space Station for a long timeParadise'Kinpira burdock', the price is 552 yen without tax.

Raw material is burdock · carrot, roasted sesame · soy sauce etc., energy is 1 bag 51 kcal.

When opening the bag, the Kibir burdock was in a transparent container.

Transparent containers are collapsed, so arrange them into a container shape by hand.

Pour 50 ml of hot water directly into the container ...

Stir slowly with chopsticks, completed in 1 minute.

The main dish selected "seafood chili sauce" of 838 yen excluding the parasite as with the side dish.

Raw materials include Scallop, Baname Shrimp, Honedge, Red Paprika, Yellow Paprika and many others. The energy per meal is 98 kcal.

Since the seafood chili sauce is in a transparent container, we will shape the shape of the container by hand as well as kibira burdock.

Pour 120 ml of hot water into the container ......

Complete in 2 minutes by slowly stirring with chopsticks.

Miso soup isAmano FoodsI picked "Nemiko no Red" from the Hitachi bowl series. The price is 907 yen for 10 meals.

Raw materials such as Nameko, Miso Bean, Miso Rice etc.

One serving energy is 16 kcal.

Put the sushi red soup in a bowl and pour 120 ml of hot water and it is completed.

Choice of "freeze dried apple" of Amano Foods' tax included 622 yen for dessert.

There are three freeze - dried apples in the box.

Raw materials are apple, sugar, salt and so on.

Since energy is 107 kcal for one box, it is about 36 kcal per bag.

After preparing other freeze-drying, 10 minutes passed.

I am ready for white rice with a mommy.

Since all of the prepared freeze drying was completed, I tried to settle for a set meal like a set meal. Apart from the apple of dessert, it is apparently freeze-dried and noticeable level.

First of all I will eat from the burdock burden of side dish.

If you put the burdock into her mouth, the flavor of the bonito spreads. Burdocks and carrots got blotchy skipjack out crooked, crispy crunchy, there is a pretty real dish.

Next is seafood chili sauce. Red paprika, green peppers, and cycler are colorful.

Pakri shrimp with whale spikes twisted. As expected there is no texture of the shrimp that was made into a preprint, it is soft, but it feels like being crispy. In addition, there was also the thing that the hot water did not permeate properly, and the center of the body was crispy. However, as for the spicy with richness, the sauce of garlic is pretty serious.

As for the scallops as well as shrimp, there is no texture of prepuri, but hot water was stained properly.

When I was eating seafood chili sauce, I wanted to eat rice, so a bite-san pakuri. To my surprise, it seemed as if the core remained as it looked, but when put in the mouth, the softness as much as cooked rice.

The red soup of a Nameko has good salty taste. There is also a chewy cloth, there is no point of complaint.

After meal is freeze dried apple.

Freeze dried apples make sweetness and sourness of apple stronger for crispy texture. It might be better to eat as a sweet than dessert.

That's why it is complete. The volume was just about adult male and seemed to have finished the white rice with seafood chili sauce alone. The total calorie of seafood chili sauce set meal is about 401 kcal, it is considerably healthy.

Next, I will try to make a set koji-baked set meal.

Rice used 'Freeze dried rice rice shisui' of rin-ryori Rin Honpo. The price is 430 yen including tax.

Raw materials include domestically produced rice noodles, plums, shiso leaves and so on.

Energy is 203 kcal per serving.

The way to make it like the white rice used in the seafood sauce set meal, take out the contents from the bag, pour hot water ......

Stir, close the bag, wait 10 minutes.

While waiting for rice, I will make a main dish, a side dish and miso soup. The main dish is 838 yen excluding tax on "Salted koji-yaki of salmon at Shiretoko Okhotskiya" of the paradise.

Raw materials are salmon, rice, rice koji etc., energy per bag is 79 kcal.

Like seafood chili sauce, remove from the bag, shape the container and pour 50 ml of hot water.

Pour hot water and stir slowly with chopsticks, completed in 2 minutes.

It seems that hot water did not penetrate the shrimp of the ingredients at the time of the seafood chili sauce, so I devised a way to tilt the container to penetrate hot water well in a large lump.

Choose "Sesame with spinach" on side dishes from side dishes. The price is 648 yen without tax.

Raw materials such as spinach, lime, toppings, etc., the energy per bag is 56 kcal.

After taking out the container and shaping it, put 40 ml of hot water.

It is completed in 1 minute after stirring with chopsticks.

Miso soup picked "Mi soup of tofu" of 907 yen including tax with 10 meals from the bowl series of Amano Foods.

Raw materials such as rice miso, leek, tofu etc.

One serving energy is 26 kcal.

Put it in a bowl and pour 120 ml of hot water and it is completed.

Shizen plum rice is opened in 10 minutes, sprinkled with sprinkles and soup.

After mixing, it is completion of Shiso Mei rice.

Place the finished product on a dish and finish salmon soybean baked set meal of salmon.

First of all, from the sesame paste of spinach.

Whether the vegetables are compatible with freeze - drying, it is chewy. Sesame scent and sweet seasoning are pretty good.

Next, Salmon soy sauce on Salame. Looks like burnt like freshly baked.

Salt koji on the places.

Salmon is a bitter salty, like seafood chili sauce, I feel unsatisfactory to crunch.

I thought that I had enough hot water soaked in, but it was crisp in the middle of my body considerably big lumps. It is similar to the texture of ingredients when you put hot water in instant noodles and eat it almost without waiting.

Tofu 's miso soup is salty and very satisfying. Miso soup is a level that does not mind being freeze-dried.

After that, a plum rice meal.

It's pretty good with the sour and plain texture of rice and rice, too rice is not too soft, just feeling good. With this, I enjoyed the salt meal set meal of salmon. Compared with seafood chili sauce, it seems to be suitable for breakfast because it is crispy overall. The total calorie of Salmon Salt Koji set meal was about 364 kcal and it became healthier than the seafood chili sauce set meal because it did not put dessert.

This is the only freeze dried food I ate this time. If it is two set meals, it will not be bulky.

The impression that I tried eating set only with freeze dried food is the level where I think that rice, miso soup and side dishes greatly exceed expectations and may try eating every day depending on the price. Meanwhile, freeze-dried fishes and shellfishes required ingenuity on the side used to impregnate hot water, and I was not satisfied with the texture, but for eating at the time of leisure such as emergency food and camping and fishing I thought that was enough.

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