Ghibli to distribute special disc of "On Your Mark" for free

A short movie "On Your Mark", which was scheduled to be included as a video benefit of BD - BOX · DVD - BOX "Director Works Collection" released on July 2, was eventually not recorded, and Studio Ghibli We announced that we will distribute discs free of charge to those who purchase.

Studio Ghibli - STUDIO GHIBLI - Distribute "On Your Mark" special discs.

"Miyazaki Hayao Directed Works Collection" includes "Lupine the Third Cagliostro's Castle" (produced in 1979) where Mr. Hayao Miyazaki was the first director in theaters work, "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" (1984), " Castle Laputa "(1986)," My Neighbor Totoro "(1988)," Witch's Delivery Service "(1989)," Red Swine "(1992)," Princess Mononoke "(1997)," (2001), Howl's Moving Castle (2004), "Ponyo on the Cliff" (2008), "Wind Standing" (2013) in one box The price is BD - BOX for 64,400 yen, DVD - BOX for 40,200 yen. Hayao Miyazaki Directed Works Collection [Blu-ray]: Hayao Miyazaki: DVD Miyazaki Hayao Directed Works Collection [DVD]: Hayao Miyazaki: DVD

As picture benefits, Miyazaki directed a series of TV series directed shorts "Yuki no sun [pilot film]" (1972) and director Miyazaki handed down a storyboard " The 26th episode · the 27th episode · the 41st episode (1972 ~ 1973), and the uncut version of the retirement interview are recorded.

Initially, in addition to this, a short movie "On Your Mark" which was produced as a music video of CHAGE & ASKA (now · CHAGE and ASKA) and was screened simultaneous with "Earbuds" is scheduled to be included, but BOX ASKA was arrested on the 17th of May just before the release of the Stimulant Drug Control Law, and the disposal source Disney judged that "anti-social action should be taken with strict measures" , Recording will be sent off.

However, in Studio Ghibli, On Your Mark is a special work, there was a feeling that it wanted to deliver to the enthusiastic fans who bought the work collection, and the applicant who purchased BOX this time It seems that he decided to distribute special discs free of charge.

Those who wish to distribute the discs cut off the "Purchase Certificate" at the bottom right of the questionnaire included in the BOX and paste it on a commercially available postcard and fill out the necessary information (postal code / address / full name (required)) I will send it as soon as I prepare for the shipment of the disk by mailing it to the "Telecommunications Building" OYM Special Disk Secretariat "at Yoyogi 2-6-5 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Tokyo. For BD - BOX buyers, DVDs will be delivered to BD and DVD - BOX buyers.

Application deadline is October 31, 2015 (Saturday) · It means that it is postmarked on the day, and a deadline of more than 1 year is established.

Incidentally, this work is also included in DVD "SPECIAL Short Shorts filled with ghibli". Ghibli is full SPECIAL Short Short [DVD]

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