In Japan, a watch-like round watch smart watch "LG G Watch R" is decided to be released from au, the world's first fully round plastic organic EL display adopted

Wearable type wearable terminal adopting full circular P-OLED (plastic organic EL) display by LG Electronics for the first time in the worldLG G Watch R"Au + 1 collection" in early December announced that it will be released.

【Press Release】 Launch of the new wearable terminal "LG G Watch R" from "au + 1 collection" in early December nationwide | Press Release | LG Electronics Japan

You can tell what kind of terminal it is by looking at the official movie.

LG G Watch R: Official Product Video - YouTube

A terminal using a full circle P-OLED is the world's first

Because it is a circular dial, it can be kept like a classic wristwatch like this.

When a phone call comes in ... ....

You can reply with predefined fixed form sentences.

It can also be used as a turn-by-turn type navigation. It is a state of watch now ... ....

If you decide to let me go to Banff National Park ......

With this kind of feeling, it is displayed how far to meter and which way to bend.

Weather forecast is also served.

Over time, it began to rain

Work as a chronograph for fitness LG G Watch R

Naturally it is waterproof

Also supports dustproof

We will also tell you the direction etc.

And the world watch

With taking a picture ......

I contacted a friend "Can you take a picture?"

Reply that "I was able to take" by voice input.

Because it is not just a clock, you can change various aspects of the board.

"Smart comes full circle"

LG G Watch R will be sold nationwide from mid December as one of the au official accessories "au + 1 collection".

The spec is as follows.
Processor:1.2 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 400
display:1.3 inch P-OLED display (320 × 320)
memory:4 GB eMMC / 512 MB RAM
battery:410 mAh
OS:Android Wear ™ (corresponds to Android 4.3 or higher smartphone)
sensor:9 axis (gyroscope / accelerometer / compass), barometric pressure sensor, heart rate detection (PPG)
Other features:Waterproof / dustproof (IP 67)

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Smart watch "Rog G Watch R" with a round face and a crown button also hasty movie & photo review

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