Cassini recorded the mysterious "evolution" in Saturn's sixth satellite Titan

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With NASAESASaturn probe developed byCassini, Saturn's sixth satelliteTitanWe saw how huge something appears and changes in the sea at.

Cassini Watches Mysterious Feature Evolve in Titan Sea | NASA

This is a photograph of which was recorded. Nothing is shown on April 26, 2007, but on July 10, 2013 we will see whitish hydrocarbons in the ocean in Titan. This "something" was about 260 square kilometers in size, but scientists are puzzled because they disappeared in a few months. A voice saying, "Is not it a transient phenomenon?" Also raised, but in the photograph taken on August 21, 2014, it reappeared again, and it was said that it was a form different from the former one. "Evolution" of unknown identity is occurring.

Scientists believe that this "something" is not artificially induced, such as data defects, and that the hydrocarbon sea has not evaporated. Currently the most likely possibility is that the possibility that "the phenomenon may have been caused by a seasonal change", the team is conducting a survey to ascertain what this phenomenon is.

Stephen Wall of the Cassini radar team said, "There is a mystery in science, and this mysterious phenomenon can be said to be one of the exciting examples that is currently progressing in Titan, and we will continue to observe the change I want to clarify what is going on in the "sea" in the universe. "

Cassini has observed the "eyes" of the huge whirl of Saturn and in August 2014 NASA has released pictures that realize the scale of the universe.

The Eye of Saturn | NASA

Looking at the color like this.

Further closer, you can see that "eyes" about 2000 km in diameter turning at a speed of 150 m / sec are clear.

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