Assertion that former drug addicts 'no drug therapy requires specialized therapy'

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Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare official page"Drug dependence is defined as a disease that can not be stopped even if you want to stop using drugs," even if you fall into a drug addiction, "If you continue to receive appropriate guidance and repeat your life without drugs , I can live a life without problems as a social worker. " "Appropriate guidance" refers to treatment and self-help activities at a specialized facility, but Szalavitz, who was a severe drug addiction, insisted that "drug addiction will cure naturally if older" ThereSubstance.comWe are disclosing details in detail.

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Szalavitz said that he was using cocaine and heroin about 40 times a day when he was bad, when he was 23 years old, he was able to get out of touch with drugs. Although cocaine and heroin are highly dependent on a number of drugs, it is said that recovery is difficult if used regularly, but Szalavitz argues that you can overcome dependence without receiving specialized institutions and treatments I will.

Szalavitz says that he himself was treated at a specialized institution but eventually stopped naturally by taking the age. The basis is published by American Association of Medical AssociationData (PDF)It is in In a survey conducted on 42,000 Americans, half of those who were afflicted with drug addiction in their teens and 20's had stopped using drugs by the time they were 35 years old It has turned out to be overcoming addiction.

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In addition, it is known from the survey that the average duration of cocaine poisoning is about 4 years, hemp is 6 years, heroin is 5 years, alcohol is about 15 years, it has been plagued by drug addiction for decades There is not much overwhelmingly more people compared to the whole.

Among the survey data released by the American Association of Medical Associations, Szalavitz insists that "the most interesting" is that 75% of people who have overcome drug addiction can take drugs It is data that it can get out of dependence. The data that 75% of patients recovered without relying on professional treatment seems to be said that drug addiction is the most cured disease among mental disorders.

If drug addiction is a progressive disease, it is not consistent if the probability of cure is not lower as the age of the subject becomes higher, but in the survey data, the higher the age, the higher the probability of completing drug dependence That is why.


So Szalavitz insists that why drug addiction is perceived as one of the difficult conditions to recover, the reason is in reports and articles on medical reports and media. According to Szalavitz, patients appearing in medical reports and coverage are only plagued by severe drug addiction. As a matter of fact, those who have overcome addiction without treatment do not come to the facility, of course, so there is no record in the medical report. Also, it is only for patients who have severe addiction that the media covering such specialty facilities will meet. In other words, there are also reasons that medical institutions and media can not be found because those who do not go to specialized institutions and overcome drug dependence themselves do not remain in the record.

Szalavitz says, "If drug dependence is a chronic disease, it is a mysterious phenomenon that there are a lot of people who have overcome addiction without specialized treatment, so it really is a case in drug dependence treatment What matters is how do you investigate those who have recovered from drug dependence without doing specialized treatment without overseeing only severe drug patients who are trying to overcome the treatment and do not study them, and in what way did they overcome it It will be a key point for future drug addiction, "he insisted.

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Szalavitz's claim is based on survey data of the American Addiction Association and his own experience and can not be positively affirmed, but Szalavitz handles many books on drug addiction, including The New York Times and Washington Post contributing articles to the famous American newspaper companies such as Post, there is no loss to know Szalavitz's claim as one of approaches to drug addiction.

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