What if the "mosquito" disappeared from this world?

ByJames Jordan

There are many people who think that side by side with cockroaches and bugs "Why do they exist in this world!mosquitoPresence of. In the world, even if such mosquitoes are extinct from this world, what kind of world will be studied is studied, but the conclusion seems to be quite complicated.

Ecology: A world without mosquitoes: Nature News

Around 500 million people every year in the world are infected with malaria, more than 1 million people die of their lives. The main source of malaria infection is known to be a "pathogen-mediated" mosquito ", and mosquitoes also mediate diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile fever.

Currently, there are 3500 species of mosquitoes on Earth, and hundreds of them are known to pierce human body and suck blood. Mosquitoes inhabit nearly every continent and has played an important function in many ecosystems. Mr. Jittawadee Murphy of Waterwire Army Institute in the US said, "Mosquitoes inhabited the earth for over 100 million years and has evolved with so many species," the mosquitoes that play a part in ecosystems It can be said that if the sweep is done, the ecology of creatures with mosquitoes as food is threatened, while on the other hand plants that had pollen mediated are extinct.


However, most scientists believe that the impact of mosquito losing from the world on the environment will be "to be compensated by other organisms immediately, although it is temporarily affected, and it will lead to better results" I will. As for the influence, Steven Juliano of Illinois state university who states "There are no inconveniences due to extermination" and Mr. Steven Juliano of Brazil / Santa Brazilian who said "Become a safer world and become more prominent for humanity" There is an opinion like Carlos Brisola Marcondes of Federal University of Catalina.

It is thought that it is the tundra area of ​​the Arctic Circle where certain mosquitoes inhabit mosquitoes being strongly ecologically influenced by being destroyed. In areas where the snow melts, mosquitoes rich in food, in areas where larvae hatch from eggs that were born in the previous year and mosquitoes that have become numerous adults after a tremendous number of adults cover out the sky like black clouds There are times when it happens.

ByUSGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab

Richard Merritt, an entomologist at the State University of Michigan, says, "Mosquitoes are" delicious foods "and will be very easy catchy foods." If mosquito larvae cease to exist from this world, hundreds of kinds of fish must search for foods different from conventional ones, but the eating habits of living things are often inherited at the genetic level So it is not as easy as it seems to be, and it may affect the food chain. Likewise, living things such as spiders, lizards and frogs will also be affected in a certain way.

The necessity to keep such mosquitoes alive without eradication will be determined by whether there is benefit to human being or not. It is a kind of mosquitoNukakaIf you get stabbed, the skin may cause blistering and even mediate pathogenic bacteria, so you will want it to be targeted for extermination, while yucca is also a creature carrying cocoa pollen. If you eradicate Nu - kaka, it is conceivable that chocolate will disappear from the world as a result.


However, such a viewpoint is also seen as limited. Janet McAllister, a medical insectiologist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said, "If humans benefit from mosquitoes, you would consider using mosquitoes to enjoy the benefits, Speaking of what we have been asking mosquitoes to say, "There is only a thing called" Aichikei ", it tells us the low merit of mosquitoes to humans.

Together with these opinions, the ultimate ability to excel mosquitoes over other organisms is the ability to pierce a certain creature and suck blood, and stab one further creature to spread the pathogen Perhaps it is exhausted to the.

According to Daniel Strickman of the US Department of Agriculture, "The benefit of combating harmful mosquitoes is" an increase in population ". It is said that the lost lost by plague such as malaria will be lost and the budget which was spent on disease control can be aimed at the development of the nation.

ByEileen Delhi

On the other hand, however, it is also true that disinfestation of mosquitoes is "getting only a temporary sense of security" is raised. According to a research team that investigated Aedes aegypti collected at a scrap site in Florida, it was learned that some of the Aedes aegyptians are being mixed up with another Aedes albopictus, and gradually being driven out by Aedes albopictus , And reveals the fact that some species are immediately replaced by another species even if they are exterminated.

It is also true that there is a view that the harmful effects of cost increase due to population increase exceeds it rather than the merits of people's living in health. Joe Conlon of the American Mosquito Control Association says, "Even if mosquitoes disappear from this world tomorrow, the natural ecosystem will try to return to the original just by slightly hiccuping - at that time, Either good or bad things will happen. "

ByNathan Proudlove

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