That Tetris will become a movie, it is expected to be a large scale SF work


Originals of falling thing puzzles that are still being played through various forms such as arcade games, game boy since being released in 1984TetrisThe movement to make it into a movie has come out.

A 'Tetris' Movie Is in the Works (Exclusive) - Speakeasy - WSJ

It was the creator of Tetris that started to make Tetris a movie this timeTetris CompanyWhenThreshold EntertainmentProduction company called. Threshold Entertainment mainly produces animation, and in collaboration with Universal Studios in 2010Movieize LEGO, Star Wars, Star Trek and other theme parks.

Even if it says that the talk of movie making has come out, the cast, the director etc are still undecided. Larry Kasanoff, Threshold Entertainment CEOMortal KombatThe movie version of Tetris is "a big sci-fi movie in a big science fiction movie" which was made two times movie, the first one was profit of $ 70 million (about 8 billion yen) and the second time was 35 million dollars (about 4 billion yen) It will be. " "We have prepared a story that makes Tetris's imagination more vivid."

CM movies of short movies and movies that made Tetris a movie have been produced by hands of fans, and many have been released on YouTube. The story is roughly like something like "The Tetris block suddenly comes down from the sky one day and the world falls into panic." In 2012WarialaskyA movie made by the team called Uploaded to YouTube, but it is a tremendous finish that it is a commercial of Hollywood movies no matter how it looks.


There are many other pictures of Tetris as a movie. The following was uploaded in 2008. It is a little retro atmosphere.

Tetris - The Movie - YouTube

There is also a French version of Tetris movie commercial that French beautiful woman falls from the sky and turns Tetris away from the sky.

Tetris le Film

Home video style. This has another fun with this.

TETRIS: THE MOVIE trailer - YouTube

The following is a shocking video in part, so browsing attention.

Tetris - Official Movie Trailer - YouTube

There was a person in the image even in Japan.

【TETRIS the Movie】 Tetris made a live action movie 【Chain Sound Project】 - YouTube

In addition, Warialasky which made Tetris real live has become a live-action picture of Mario in acrobatics and has become a popular movie which is played more than 14 million times.

Super Mario Brothers Parkour [In Real Life] - YouTube

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"Mortal · Combat" and "Strange Days / December 31, 1999" was handledLarry KasanoffIt is a movie version of Tetris, which was obvious that Threshold Global Studios established by Mr. Tetris was in charge of production, but this work was a collaboration between the US and China, and the production cost was 80 million dollars (about 8.7 billion yen) It is clear that photography will start in China from 2017. Furthermore, it is suggested that the ongoing project is "one of the trilogy pieces", and the possibility that a sequel will be produced.

'Tetris The Movie' Taking Shape As U.S. - China Co - Production | Deadline

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