Anah Sumaho "Disney Mobile on docomo" that can enjoy the whole world of snow and Disney

NTT DoCoMo's "2014-2015 Winter Spring Model New Product / New Service Presentation"Announced in"Disney Mobile on docomo"Is the 2014 big hit movie"Frozen"The smart phone that can fully enjoy the world, surprising fan surprises are watched as a fan must be inserted when inserting a sparkling smash hoop earring upon incoming calls.

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I came to the booth of Disney Mobile on docomo.

This is Disney Mobile on docomo. Disney Mobile on docomo is equipped with Android 4.4. The CPU is a 2.3 GHz quad core, and the internal memory has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM.

There are three kinds of color variation: sparkling white · ice blue · light pink.

With a 5.5-inch large screen IGZO display, the main body size is 141 × 76 × 8.9 mm.

There is an in camera of about 2.1 million pixels on the bottom of the display, and a logo of Mickey Mouse is on the bottom right.

On the back is such a silhouette with Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse gorgeous is drawn.

The rear camera has 13.1 million pixels and is equipped with "optical image stabilization function".

Earphone jack on the top.

Nothing pears on the bottom.

MicroUSB port on the left side.

There is only volume control button and power button on the right side.

A live wallpaper that can enjoy "Queen of Anna and Snow" is interlocked with side illumination which shines brightly colorfully. The live wallpaper is not only "Anna and the Snow Queen", but also "Mickey & Minnie", "Rapunzel on the Tower" "Tinker Bell" is included by default.

In addition, it is also possible to change the butsu of the butler to Olaf which appears in "Queen of Anna and Snow". As you walk out of the screen, occasionally you show cute action.

This is a smartphone pierced with enclosed items that emits glitter at incoming calls. When inserting a smartphone into an earphone jack of the main unit, you can see the production of the surprise.

What can happen if you insert a smartphone into "Disney Mobile on docomo" can be checked from the following movie.

I tried to insert Smart Earrings into "Disney Mobile on docomo" - YouTube

When you insert a smartphone, you can enjoy surprise animation of "Mickey & Minnie", "Anna and the Snow Queen" "Olaf".

Give all buyers of Disney Mobile on docomo a special bag of Anna and Snow Queen.

"Disney Mobile on docomo" which Illumination is beautiful and you can enjoy Queen Anna and Snow Queen and Disney Everyday is scheduled to be released mid November 2014, and is currently accepting reservations for article writing.

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