I ate a lot of autumn taste mushrooms "Three Domestic Mushrooms' Mushroom Hamburger"

As the word "taste of autumn" has the word, various foods come to season in autumn, but the season of many mushrooms such as matsutake and shimeji is autumn. According to the mushroom's season Lotteria "Domestic three kinds of mushroom thick-walled hamburgersWe are on sale from Thursday, September 25. I went to the shop at once that it was finished in a hamburger which used plenty of domestically produced Eringhi, Miyake · Shimeji.

~ A perfect burger for volume of appetite appeared from Lotteria, a perfect appetite fall ~ "Domestic three kinds of mushroom meat thick hamburgers" Limited release from 25th September 2014 (Thursday)!

Arrived at Lotteria.

Appeal the domestic three kinds of mushroom's thick-walled hamburgers even before the shop. There are also things with cheese (420 yen including tax) and eggs (440 yen tax included) besides the normal version (360 yen including tax).

As I approached the cash register ...

I found a domestic three kind of mushrooms' wall thick hamburgers in the most prominent position. I will place an order immediately.

Hanging waiting in less than 5 minutes arrives. The package with the product name is drawing attention.

When opening the wrapping paper it looks like this. Buns are the same as those used for hamburgers and the like, the size is slightly smaller.

Take the upper buns and you can see the demiglace sauce that contained three kinds of mushrooms.

Slightly big mushrooms look like mushrooms, but they are Elingi.

Patty is as thick as its name and seems to be more than twice the normal thickness.

I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

Mushrooms - Patty with heavy feeling - Mushroom taste plenty of delicious sausage combination is nice. Since the taste of meat is felt well and red wine and tomato are also usedmeat sauceThere is a place that leads to the taste of. Compatibility with lettuce and mayonnaise is also a problem.

Mushrooms can enjoy fresh texture made of eringi and shimeji, well with tomato base sauce.

Previously released "Thick thick hamburger steak burger"The sweetness and umami of the onion were felt to be stronger than the patties, but they are well balanced. This time I did not eat cheese or eggs, but if you put them in and eat it seems to be compatible.

In addition, the domestic three kinds of mushroom burger of thick mushrooms is limited time sale until late October.

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