The iPhone 6 Plus is decomposed in a hurry, and the gorgeous condition of gold pika is rounded to the inside

finallyIPhone 6·IPhone 6 PlusWas released in Japan, but familiar with gadget repair informationIFixitAs promised, "iPhone 6 Plus" is decomposed by haste. The contents of the iPhone 6 Plus, such as the newly designed parts and the internal frame up to the gold pica state, are like this.

IPhone 6 Plus Teardown - iFixit

IPhone 6 Plus (gold) left on the left. The right is the iPhone 5s for comparison.

The breakthrough of the iPhone 6 Plus is a special screw on the left and right of the Lightning port.

First of all iFixit special screws are specially madePro Tech ScrewdriverUse to remove.

Then secret weaponsISclackPaccaly at the display part.

Unlike the iPhone 5s in iPhone 6 Plus, there is no cable like "trap" that breaks inadvertently when disconnected.

With this feeling open at 90 degrees, access to the inside is possible.

When I disconnected the display cable from the logic board (main board) I could isolate it like this. It is said that the arrangement of the battery logic board etc follows the layout of iPhone 5s.

Metal plate for home button assembly.

When the metal plate was removed, the touch ID module came out.

This is the camera used for fingerprint authentication.

Next, attack the front FaceTime camera. The camera module is integrated with the speaker.

When removed it is like this.

The front display can be separated from the metal plate. According to iFixit, the iPhone 6 Plus display is remarkably easier to replace and improved than the iPhone 5s because the cable becomes longer and freely bends.

Then the battery. Remove the connector covered with the metal plate with tweezers ... ...

After peeling off the battery pull tab seal, pick it up and pull it up OK.

The dramatic thinness of the iPhone 6 Plus battery is phenomenal thinness.

It weighs 43 g.

The capacity is 1810 mAh for iPhone 6, while iPhone 6 Plus is 2915 mAh for iPhone 6.

Bottom of the battery - Under the logic board is a newly designed vibrator module.

openerJimmyIn the grin.

Copper coil and vibration motor were built in.

Remove the rear iSight camera with tweezers.

Although the rear camera is the same 8 million pixels as the iPhone 5s, you can shoot more beautiful photos with a new sensor made by Sony.

Model number is DNL 432 70566 F MKLAB

It is like this when removing the protective parts.

The lens is also decomposed.

The sensor looks something like this. The iPhone 6 Plus also has an optical camera shake compensation mechanism.

This elongated board is a logic board. In addition, you can see that the inner frame has been painted gold.

Remove the antenna connector ......

You can remove the logic board. Surrounded by a red frame is the A8 chip. Orange frame is a Qualcomm LTE modem chipMDM 9625 M.

The back side looks like this. NXP LPC 18 B 1 UK ARM Cortex-M 3 microcontroller with 16 GB · NAND flash memory with red frame by Hynix, known as M8 motion processor for blue frame. The NFC chip is purple frame NXP 65V10.

Further decomposition proceeds. This part is a speaker.

Lightning port · headphone · antenna is integrated with module.

This is also a part for the antenna.

Power button cable ......

The volume button cable is flat type.

Power supply button rubber gasket is new design.

Pushed in state. It is thought that this gasket is to prevent invasion of water and dust.

It is like this when arranging the decomposed parts. Although the disassembly (restoration) difficulty level has not been announced yet, as with the conventional iPhone, since the disassembly process started from "display removal", it is easy to replace the damaged display. Also, it is relatively easy to replace the battery, although a little tips are necessary.

Please note that iFixit is also disassembling iPhone 6, and reports will be updated from time to time.

IPhone 6 Teardown - iFixit

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