Finally the hard disk capacity reached 10 TB

ByTudor Barker

The former "Hitachi Global Storage Technologies" now under Western digital affiliationHGST, The world's first hard disk (HDD) with a storage capacity of 10 TB (10,000 GB) was announced.

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On September 9, 2014, HGST announced six new products to respond to the rapidly growing cloud service, including 10 TB of HDD in it. This 10 TB HDD is a 3.5-inch type, which is a common size, adopting a method of recording partly overlapping tracks called Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).

About SMR technology can be understood by looking at the following article.

At last a hard disk with a capacity of 5 TB appeared in 2014, to 20 TB in 2020 - GIGAZINE

In addition to SMR, the 10 TB HDD also introduces HGST proprietary technology called "HelioSeal" which fills helium gas.

The merit of helium filling to HDD is explained in detail in the following article.

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HGST, which realized the 10 TB scale with the combined technology of SMR and HelioSeal, said, "10 TB HDD realizes significant reduction in power consumption and improvement in storage density, and because it reduces running cost and reduces unit cost price, data center We can respond to the needs of expanding capacity and efficiency. "

"Hiring demand for data centers" pointed out by HGST is supposed to be cloud storage service. Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are entering into low price competition surviving, and the demand for 'cheaper and larger capacity storage' is large. In cloud storage service, storage and management of data called "cold storage", which does not always have access, becomes important, and 10 TB HDD is optimized for cold storage. Sample shipment of 10 TB HDD has already been started.

In addition to the 10 TB HDD, HGST is equipped with HelioSeal, a HDD with a capacity of 8 TB and 3.5 inch S-ATA form factorUltrastar He 8Also announced the series. 8 TB Ultrastar He 8 realizes energy saving of 23% compared with conventional air filled 6 TB HDD despite adopting "7Stac design" which introduces 7 TW 1.2 TB platter, also here Shipment has already started.

SeagateWorld's first HDD with capacity of 8 TB announcedThe record of the maximum capacity has been rewritten just two weeks after, but with the demand for large storage growing increasingly, the expansion competition of maximum capacity seems to continue still.

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