What is the biggest merit that road bike rides were born by shaving snake hair?

ByErwin Bolwidt

Speaking of the characteristics common to many road bike rides (Lodi) that have become more common in the streets, there are a lot of people who think of "foot that was shaved to slippery" in "racing jersey of picket". For Roddy it's a style that I think is "cool" but for someone who is not interested it may be strange to say, but it is obvious that shaving the snake hair actually had the effect of greatly affecting the performance It is getting on.

The curious case of the cyclist's unshaven legs - The Globe and Mail

The argument that "whether to shave the hair or not, and its meaning" has never ended, and the opinion that it is "mere fashion" or "To make it easier to handle when you get injured and get injured "And" to reduce air resistance "have been advocated. In particular, some people may have been keenly aware of the effectiveness of the theory "for injured cases" by actually being dropped and injured.


Among them, the "air resistance reduction theory" was the most unfounded, and although I could not deny the feeling that it was caught as an eyebrows thing, I made artificial air flow with a huge windmill and measured air resistance etc. ToWind tunnelFrom the results of the latest experiments using equipment, it became clear that a big merit was born than it was generally thought so far.

Global bicycle manufacturer "SPECIALIZED(Specialized) "triathlon who drives a motorcycleJessie ThomasHe was carrying out a test to measure the aerodynamic performance on a motorcycle in the wind tunnel, but I noticed that I had forgotten to handle the sun hair before a test session one day. Although I thought that it would not be a big difference, I tried the test, but when I shaved snne hair as usual on the way I heard that results exceeding expectations appeared, I thought the state at that time as "a totally joke I did not expect anyone to predict that shaving the hair would make such a difference. "

According to the result measured at this time, by treating the snare hair drag (air resistance)7%It is clear that it can be reduced, which is equivalent to 15 watts of power the rider steps on the pedal. Even if it says "7%" in person, it will not come with a pin, but in the competition "time trial" competing for the time to run through the distance of 40 km, at the time of goal after 1 hour, theoretically79 secondsIt is obvious that for a player who sometimes competes for a difference of 1 second of comma, it will have a tremendous advantage.

In the test, the difference due to the difference of other parts etc was also measured, but it was about 3% by the difference born by the new helmet, 5 in the "mantis position (praying mantis)" to lift the arm to the height in front of the face %, And the result of 8% with an integrated aero racing suit covering the shoulder from the wrist to the ankle is left.

However, this result is conflicting because it is greatly different from the result of "0.6%" measured in the same experiment that was carried out in 1987. Based on the result at the time, the time difference born at the goal after 1 hour was only about 5 seconds, so the conclusion that "processing of sun hair is almost meaningless" was led, It is said that it was a situation to come up with something to doubt the latest experimental results contrary to this.


SPECIALIZED aerodynamics specialist Mr. Chris Yu and Mr. Mark Court who conducted the latest test conducted the same experiment with five more riders and confirmed the validity. In the same way, a good result was marked, and it was clarified that an advantage equivalent to 50 seconds to 82 seconds is generated in terms of a time difference of 40 km.

Based on this result, Mr. Court asked Chester Kyle, who was in charge of the experiment in 1987, to ask him to think about something about the result of such a result. Then, in the experiment of the time, a miniature model imitating a human foot and a mini wind tunnel were used, and it seems that the hair has arrived at the fact that the test was carried out with the adhesive adhered to the model.

Perhaps it should be considered at the time that it was implemented under the best conditions and it is premature to decide that it was "inappropriate test method", but it is still premature to think that it was premature, but basically without believing past experimental results as it is It was a result that tells that it is important to proceed with validation verification.

In addition, the coat's team is pursuing further aerodynamic characteristics. Various conditions such as shaving the "hair of the arm" following snune hair from the low drag racing suit of the latest material are verified in there. Mr. Court said, "It's almost like" looking for the fault ", but this is why we repeat the wind tunnel experiment."

In this way, it was proved that Lodi had a proper meaning in handling sun hair. I am confident that in the future I can seem to be in a state of Tsurutsuru.

ByJeff Werner

In addition, after treating the sun hair with a bath etc etc, care must be taken because the family will harbor antipathy unless you thoroughly throw away the hair accumulated in the sink.

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