That Microsoft expects to acquire the developer of "Minecraft"

ByAaron Loessberg-Zahl

It has grown from indies game to a game hitting the world all over the world"Minecraft", this is the developerMojang ABIs expected to be acquired by Microsoft,Wall Street JournalIt reports.

Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Minecraft - WSJ

Microsoft said to be buying the maker of 'Minecraft' for $ 2 billion | The Verge

Minecraft is an open-world based game that allows you to freely create and spoil the player's favorite things in the dot-taste game world. Currently, PC version, Smartphone version such as Android · iOS, Xbox 360 version, PS 3 version are on sale, PS 4 version, PS Vita version, Xbox One version are also scheduled to be released.

Marcus Persson, who is a developer of Minecraft and founder of Mojang AB, is a darling in the era of indie games industry, so far it has avoided investing from venture capital, It is famous. Mr. Persson developed by Mr. Parson is a huge hit game that sold more than 50 million copies worldwide since its launch in 2009, Mojang AB will cost 100 million dollars in 2013 (about 11 billion It is said that it gave the profit of yen).

Mr. Parson has accused the movement of large companies so far,When "Oculus Rift" was bought by Facebook for about 200 billion yenToCanceled development of Minecraft · Oculus Rift versionOr,Windows 8 is not very good for indie games"And accused Windows 8.

Wall Street Journal estimates that Microsoft will purchase Mojang AB for about 2 billion dollars (about 210 billion yen), and that this transaction is expected to be completed this weekend, the reason why the acquisition is moving is " To further activate Microsoft 's Xbox business "I guess.

The information obtained by Dana Bass, a reporter for Bloomberg, also confirms that Microsoft and Mojang AB are talking about acquisitions.

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