"Backtracker" which informs the bike riding by sensing the approach of the car with the military level radar

Many of the fatal accidents on cyclists arise from collisions with cars. In the nighttime when visibility gets worse, the backlight of the bicycle is indispensable for preventing accidents, but in addition to that, by mounting a military level radar, the direction of the cyclist "indicator of the distance to the following car" You can see in "Backtracker"is.

Backtracker by iKubu - Dragon Innovation

You can see how Backtracker is a product by seeing the following movie.

The Journey Begins - Unabridged on Vimeo

Driving a bicycle at night with poor visibility is dangerous, but sometimes it is inevitable for cyclists.

A man is attaching the rear unit of the Backtracker behind the bicycle.

It is equipped with LED lights, blinking slowly red when the car is not approaching.

And one more, I attached the front unit to the handle. This indicates the speed of the following car and the distance to him.

A man who is still driving a bicycle in a dim mountain.

The back light of the rear unit blinks slowly.

A car approached from the back of the bicycle.

Then the backlight blinks faster.

You can understand how the backlight blinks slowly at normal times and the flashing speed becomes faster as the car approaches, as you can see the following movie.

Backtracker Demo on Vimeo

Since it blinks with a chiccha, the following car can firmly confirm the existence of a bicycle.

Meanwhile, when a car enters the range of 150 yards (about 140 m) from the bicycle, the radar measures the distance to the car and the speed of the car and uses the LED light to notify the bike ride.

The way the indicator conveys information can be confirmed from the following movie.

Backtracker - Know When to turn on Vimeo

This is the front unit and the rear unit. The weight of the front unit is 80 g, the weight of the rear unit is 50 g, and the operating time of the battery is 8 hours. The brightness of the LED is up to 40 lm, with Bluetooth. Since the API is released, it is also possible to freely develop the application.

In case of bicycle riding, you can not grasp the speed even if you use a mirror to check the following cars, and sometimes it is useless if bad visibility. Also, as the current car is quiet, it is difficult to distinguish the sound with the ear as long as it is not close, and it is dangerous to see it over the shoulder. That is why an indicator was developed that allows you to quickly see the information just by looking at the hand.

It is based in South Africa that developed a system that can also say that gives six sense to bicyclistsIkubu. While gathering funds for commercialization now, the target amount is $ 194,500 (about 20 million yen), but writing the article left 14 days until the deadline Currently 100,000 dollars (about 1000 Ten thousand yen) or more. As far as I have invested 179 dollars (about 19,000 yen), there are 16 funding opportunities that can earn Backtracker, and if the $ 179 investment is filled up, it will be 199 dollars (about 21,000 yen) It is possible to get. It is a mechanism to increase the number of Backtrackers which can be raised if the investment amount is increased.

The deadline is September 22, 2014 (Monday).

Backtracker by iKubu - Dragon Innovation

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