Started service that allows you to exchange free once without breaking Nexus 5 inadvertently

High-performance, low-priced and very popular Google smart phone as a SIM free terminal "Nexus 5"It seems that the inexorable start of a gentle service that only one visit is tolerated even if it was inadvertently dropped and damaged.

Google now offering a one-time replacement for your accidentally damaged Nexus 5 - Neowin

News siteNeowinMr. Timi Canti sano inadvertently dropped the favorite Nexus 5 and the glass of the display cracked, so I called the support of Google. Honestly telling me about the situation that I broke Nexus 5 with my own error, I was told that a new program began that a support representative could exchange Nexus 5 for free.

Cantizano was told to do the exchange procedure from the link affixed to the e - mail sent from support. Please note that this link is effective only within 24 hours, and if time has passed, it is necessary to contact the support center again to redo the procedure.

Mr. Cantisano says to replace the mail from the landing page of the mail according to the instructions and now it will update the article as soon as it arrives, waiting for the new Nexus 5 to arrive.

In addition to Mr. Canti Sano, reports that Nexus 5's free exchange program has been received are on the internet one after another, and according to the following posts, not only damage to the screen but also breakdown due to submersion can be exchanged for free Thing.

Important Notice !! Google just started a new policy for Nexus 5 users today. ...

Please be aware that Nexus 5 will be exchanged for Nexus 5 free of charge only once per new program because it is limited to Nexus 5 purchased on the Google Play store. However, at the time of writing the article,Return / exchange policySince there is no description about the new program, it is considered unofficial service to the last, but users who purchased Nexus 5 on the Google Play store should contact support if you destroy Nexus 5 It looks nice.

In addition, you can see how the GIGAZINE editorial staff who broke Nexus 5 before the start of the new program performed the exchange procedure in the following article.

"Nexus 5" I bought on Google Play broke down, so I tried it for repair - GIGAZINE

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