The shivering situation of Apple subcontract factory making "iPhone 6" and the latest "iPad" revealed

While smartphones and tablets debut newly from one to the next are attracting people's attention, on the site where they make products, work is carried out under harsh environments, the fact that local workers are being sacrificed It is being exposed to the bottom of the white day. In a newly announced report, despite a factory promising safety measures, the situation that the situation did not improve even two years ago has rather deteriorated has been revealed.

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U.S. watchdogs accuse Chinese Apple supplier of unsafe work conditions | Reuters

Based in the United StatesChina Labor Watch(CLW: Chinese craftsmanship observation) andGreen AmericaAccording to a survey conducted around July 2014, China's Jiangsu ProvinceSuqianAt the factory of Catcher Technology Co Ltd, which manufactures Apple products at the plant, work is done in the situation where flammable aluminum · magnesium alloy powder is scattered on the floor, and evacuation windows and doors are locked I know that it was the situation that I was there. A comment from Apple that it took measures on the problem after investigation has been issued.

A 25-page report entitled "Two Years of Broken Promises" states that the current situation that employees are not undertaking adequate safety education and that protective equipment There are reports of the present condition that it is exposed to harmful chemical substances because it is not prepared when it is necessary.

Even when CLW visited the same factory in 2013, multiple violations were found and Apple was committed to improving the working environment through Catcher, but even after about two years have passed It is not executed and it is as it is. In the report, the survey team says, "In the survey we conducted in 2014, new violation matters that had not existed at the time of the previous survey have been found.The conventional problems have not been solved, It can be said that the working environment is getting worse. "

Catcher said in an e-mail statement: "We are very concerned about CLW survey results and we take it strictly.We will act in accordance with Apple's supplier code (code of conduct required for subcontractors) Apple will also carry out a thorough investigation. "One Apple also said," Even during the last fire protection criteria survey, Catcher reported the repair of incomplete fire extinguishing equipment and the status of evacuation route reservation We have completed necessary measures, including improvement of the lack of evacuation guidance light, which was short of the day, on the day ", and we are issuing a statement to evaluate that it meets international safety standards.

In the report, problems such as incompleteness of education, security incapacitation, compulsion of non-wage labor, etc. are listed without exchanging an employment contract saying "Employees receive safety education" It is being done.

The figure of an employee who came to the factory on commuting. Because of the large number of people, it seems that they are gathering in a place without a roof. Because there are things like stalls, maybe you are having breakfast.

The cafeteria in the premises and the employee's appearance taking a nap by the machine inside the factory.

In the cafeteria, food is sold at a higher price than the market, but the employees of the factory say "Catcher is taking a high rent for the store and there is nothing else to go to buy, so the price rises It is said. "

A dormitory where employees live. The dormitory fee is 60 yuan (about 1000 yen) per 30 days, and the room will be shared with several roommates in the room. The water utility cost is 45 yuan per room (about 770 yen). A bus and a toilet are in use for each floor, so it seems that tap water is inappropriate for drinking.

The appearance of the aluminum magnesium alloy scraps left in processing. There is a danger of causing health damage and fire by scattering.

It also contains the appearance that the waste liquid from the processing time is being dripped as it is.

The emergency escape mouth was said to have been locked.

In the same Jiangsu Province in August another factoryExplosion accident that brings more than 70 deathsAlthough it has just happened, the cause of this time is also attributed to iron scraps that were left in a dangerous state. In response to the accident, the government issued an order to stop operation at more than 200 factories in the province, and confirmed safety measures.

In fact, however, similar dangerous situations are left, and in the report, "There was no sign that a government survey was conducted, but there was no evidence that new criteria were created to enhance safety thereafter" I clarify the problem.

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