"Apple has an anonymous SNS account for media operations", and so far and in the future of Apple's advertising strategy

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The reason that Apple is gaining support among people is not only the quality of products and services, but it is sometimes said that it is skillful in advertisement and image strategy. Specialize in Apple related information9to 5MacI will explain about Apple's advertising strategy with 9 keywords.

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◆ 1: "White booklet" that will never be seen in Apple events and general public
In recent years, it is known that many events held by Apple, including new product announcements that are frequently held in September, are precisely prepared and managed on that day. For example, in the past announcement event, there was a person who suddenly lost consciousness in the hall and fell down, but as a result of prompt response by the PR team, the keynote lecture was advanced without any interruption, especially Many people who were not in the area should have not noticed the incident at all. In this way, before various events start, the possibilities of every happening are examined and careful preparation is made so that progress will not be hindered by what happens.

ByBen Miller

Members of the PR team held the event, "The whole keynote event is like a single" production process ", and we must be totally understanding the flow of each and everything, and the atmosphere of the lighting and the screen Detailed parts such as placement condition, who will sit where, etc. will be examined and decided in advance in advance. Also, at the venue of the day, Apple employees are secretly placed in confusion as a general journalist and are given the task of minimizing the risk of the disturbance.

In addition, this preparation has been started several weeks before the event. The PR team and the marketing team watch over the trends of various news reports, grasp what is expected at any time, and control information while leaking information little by little. One week before the opening, "white booklet" written on the progress, staffing, backup system etc on the day will be handed over to the members of the PR team and a long-time conference will be held. After the conference, booklets are collected and thorough measures are taken to be shredded immediately and discarded so that information will not be leaked out.

◆ 2: PR team based on Infinite Loop 3
Unlike other manufacturers, Apple is a major feature that carries out all PR and communication strategies in-house. Compared to the size of the company itself, the size of the PR team is very small, there are about 30 people at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, and there are dozens of staff scattered all around the world, handling events, translating materials, and responding to press It has become a compact one only.

The PR team located at Cupertino · Infinite Loop 3, close to the headquarters, is divided into smaller teams of "Momentum" "Mac" "Corporate Communications" "iPhone" "iPad" "iTunes" "Events" team I will. This has changed as the importance of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad has increased as the situation has changed since the era when it was only about three years ago, "Mac" "Music" and "Corporate Communications", it has been expanded I have history.

Among them, the "Momentum" team has been given the purpose of blending Apple products with pop culture, introducing the iPad to the main sports league team management, using Apple products for celebrities It has the role of increasing the exposure and value of the brand by receiving it. In addition, it is said that the Momentum team is playing a part in cases where products before release are exposed on television and the like.

◆ 3: Strategy "Art of Deep Background" and press control
One of the work of the PR team is to check handling of their products in the media. Checking which celebrities are using Apple products, such as blogs and SNS, tabloid paper, etc., and checking what the famous blog writer is writing about Apple, at this time the staff is social media It is said that the account is created anonymously and the movement on the net is being monitored. The content obtained here is regularly reported to Apple executives and is used to grasp Apple's coverage rate in the world. If the current situation is unfavorable, we will take measures to raise awareness through every channel, sometimes using information emerging news media to disseminate information and leverage.

ByBen Adamson

Earlier Reuters referred Apple as "the champion of the blind community", but when I posted an article saying "I am still inadequate" quoting Cook 's past remarks, Apple is reuters We inform the revised article informally against Reuters but refused it. Then, Apple's PR team gathered bloggers and directed them to write articles to counter Reuters, which resulted in Apple's assertion penetrating the world.

◆ 4: Withdrawal of PR team "monarch"
Mr. Katie Cotton, who led Apple's PR team since the Jobs era, was known as a highly demanding person about work. It was also known that he was performing very detailed management even for his team staff, and from journalists he was being afraid of being called "monarch (Tyrant)". On the other hand, some people favorably accepted the method and personality.

Mr. Cotton was also known to have inherited much of Mr. Jobs' method, and it was sometimes called "Mini Jobs". Therefore, when Jobs leaves the world and shifts to the cook system, he says that many people expected "Mr. Cotton will leave Apple." And in fact, Mr. Cotton will leave Apple three years after Jobs' death. The legitimate reason was "to increase time spent with the family", but it is accepted that Mr. Cook had a direction to dare to distance from the conventional Jobs route is the real reason.

◆ 5: Two leaders leading the team
About a month after announcing departure from Apple, Mr. Cotton leaves Apple who has led PR activity for 18 years. Many companies have offered posts of work after retirement, but it is said that they refused all. And, Mr. Cotton's policy as a successor to inherit his work was not nominated. Mr. Cook settled on the provisional top system, two members of Mr. Steve Dowling and Mr. Natalie Kelis who have been involved in the team for a long time as the top of the PR team, but this system was still provisionally continued now It is left.

Mr. Dowling who leads the team to the left, Mr. Cotton of the former leader on the upper right, and Mr. Kelis at the lower right.

Mr. Dowling from journalist is often evaluated as "more smart than Mr. Cotton", and Mr. Cook seems to have a high reputation. It is said that Mr. Cook often refers to Mr. Dowling's remarks at the meeting, and it seems that there is close distance between both names.

Mr. Kelis is mainly responsible for PR for iPhone. It is also said that the method is similar to the predecessor Mr. Cotton, but sometimes it is sometimes seen in a drama-like viewpoint that "Mr. Cotton fills up the post after leaving" Cotton II " Clearly there is a difference in direction with Mr. Cook who shows a different policy from the past. "It is difficult to think that Mr. Kelis will be appointed if Mr. Cook puts a breeze on Apple's PR method."

◆ 6: Acquisition of "Beats" from swaying empire "map" problem
There are not so many problems with Apple, but it occurred on iPhone 4Antenna problemWas a big problem also from Mr. Jobs saying "It is a problem that can occur even with terminals of other companies"Leaving responsible personIt has developed into a riot which is said to have done. Mr. Cook, on the other hand, shows a tendency to try to prevent the problem from flaring due to a quick response to similar problems.

ByMike Deerkoski

Mapping issues for iOS 6 / iPhone 5Mr. Cook delegated Scott Forstor, senior vice president, who was responsible, by demonstrating "strong leadership". In addition, I am announcing measures to apologize and solve problems for users, but at this time I made texts closely cooperating with the PR team. The decision to cut Mr. Forstor, who was also regarded as the next CEO of Apple, was not easy for Mr. Cook, but it seems that it can be seen as a strong intention to solve the problem.

Also, "The golden age of Apple has left with Mr. Jobs' death" written by Kein Iwatani Yukari "After sinking empire Steve Jobs, Apple can be a great companyMr. Cook, Mr. Phil Schiller and Mr. Eddie Cue will be acting to personally send out a statement to dispute without going through the PR team when it is published. According to the action, Apple employees said that they were "like Jobs' behavior."

◆ 7: Before the presentation review, presentation, and how to show it in the review after the presentation
Even when Apple lends the terminal before the announcement to some journalists for review, it is inspected whether scratches and dirt are surely attached and it is supposed to be delivered to hand at perfect condition. It is a review before the launch of a new product that was limited to only a few specialized journalists, but now the subject has been expanded to some news websites and famous bloggers.

ByChris Makarsky

Also at that time it seems that it seems that reviews are permitted for the media corresponding to the target layer. Furthermore, in order to be in charge of review, it is implicitly required that it is "content conforming to Apple's intent", and it is increasingly emphasized that opportunities for review can not be given in any case contrary to this.

In addition, even during the actual experience corner conducted after the presentation, posters indicating the contents announced with the keynote are always placed next to the terminal, and devises are made to emphasize the points that Apple wishes to emphasize It can be said that I am a point.

◆ 8: Steve Jobs and the process behind the press release
When Mr. Jobs was leading Apple, he saw a press release manuscript when he signed a new agreement with a partner and Mr. Jobs ordered to rewrite it because "I do not like the name of the opponent" That's right. The PR team seemed to have rewritten the release from 1 and it managed to finish completion after entering the name of the company, but Mr. Jobs was an episode showing that he was responsible for checking any small point oneself It has become.

ByCharis Tsevis

Also, Jobs began a strategy of putting on the adjective 'Magical' on the iPad, 'Legendary' on the App Store, and 'Revolutionary' on the iPhone Mr. These words are not only used at the time of the recital but also a tailored strategy to be incorporated into subsequent marketing. Also, Apple 's release has always been strictly protected by people inside the company, not by sales and marketing departments, but by people from the PR team.

◆ 9: And future developments
Now that Mr. Jobs left this world and Mr. Cotton also left Apple, it is said that members of the PR team are hoping for work under the "more friendly and highly transparent" leaders. A variety of executive posts have been established for Apple since the transition to the cook system,United States Environmental Protection AgencyWe are advancing reforms such as inviting the person who served as chief at the company and placing persons familiar with Chinese business at the top of the retail division.

The one that is reflected on the left of the photo makes it feel friendly to peacefully with the fans' male according to the commemorative photoCraig · FederigiSenior Vice President Software Engineering.

The top team is officially assumed to be officially appointed to the PR team which is now premised on the PR structure, and Mr. Dowling or Mr. Kelis, who is also qualified from outside the company It seems that it is picked up.

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