A lot of incredible lie that was actually written in the resume

ByDavid Blackwell.

It should be natural for social common sense that you should not write a lie to the resume necessary for getting a job, but there seems to be someone who is lying astray,CareerBuilderSurveyed 2188 recruiters, it turned out that about 58% of the people were lying to the resume, and among them 10 lies that were stupid enough to make them abandoned were published I will.

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous lies people have told on their resumes | Financial Post

◆ 01: Write my father's job history in my resume

ByDean Shareski

Examining the employment history that was written in the recruiter who wished to recruit, it turned out that it was all his father's job history. this is,Ken · Griffy · SeniorWhenKen Griffey Jr.It is a clever lie that uses the fact that his name is the same as his father like.

◆ 02: Assistant Prime Minister


Although it is doubtful only as assistant prime minister, I came up to the punch that the prime minister did not exist in the country written in my career history.

◆ 03: Free Throw High School Champion

ByGlenn Simmons

It was with a free throw high school champion held in basketball, but he seems to have accepted a lie as soon as he interviewed.

◆ 04: Olympic medalist


Courage that written dignifiedly as "Olympic medalist" in work experience may be called medalist grade ....

◆ 05: Construction supervision

ByNumber 10

Although it does not look like a lie at first glance, it turned out that there was only experience that the interviewer asked to make a doghouse.

◆ 06: I am 32 years old but I have 25 years of work experience

BySowmya's Photography

He seems to have worked from this age of seven. It may not be an unavoidable story depending on the job title ... ....

◆ 07: Celebrity babysitter

ByAlan Light

A lie that served as an American superstar 's babysitter for 20 years, such as Tom Cruise and Madonna.

◆ 08: Three jobs in the past few years

ByFlazingo Photos

Asking the workplace in front of those who want to recruit "I have done three jobs in the past few years", the first one is only two days, the second one is working only one day, the third one He said he did not work either.

◆ 09: Try again to a company that got fired

ByLip Jin Lee

This is not a lie, but a real story like a lie. It is said that the recruitment applicant submitted his resume to the company that he just got fired the other day, and also hoped for the occupation he was in. In the job history of the resume, the name of the company was written.

◆ 10: Two CVs

ByMaik Meid

Since I applied for it twice in a short period of time, I thought that I was an enthusiastic recruiter, and looking at my resume, my job history of the resume was completely different between the 1st and 2nd.

51% of 2188 recruiters are rejected when it is known that applicants are lying, it is a short cut to find employment not to lie to the resume. To write a lie in a resume in JapanPenal Code Chapter 17 "Sin of document forgery"There is a possibility that it may be a counterfeiting sentence under Article 159, paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 159, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the falsification sentence, the affiliated private document writings sentence, or the 3 term unmarked text written document.

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