I tried 'I longed for a longing Calpis Ice bar' packed with richness of Calpis stock solution

Lotte made the taste of rich Calpis ugly "Yearning dark Calpis Ice BarWe released on August 25 (Monday). Calpis flavored ice can be imagined somewhat, but I bought it and tried it to see how taste it is, as to how thick it is called "dense calpis".

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"A longing for a longing Calpis Ice Bar" is a package that knows at first sight Calpis with blue and white polka dots.

"I longed for it when I was a child, and it is a dark taste."

It is written in the deficit on the reverse side as "a dark taste that can be enjoyed very well", appealing the depth. Ice has a two layer structure of sherbet and ice.

The calorie is 131 kcal per one (90 ml).

Dairy products, sugar, isomerized liquid sugar, vegetable oil, salt, etc. can be confirmed as raw materials.

At the moment of opening, an intensely sweet aroma like floating the undiluted bottle of Calpis has drifted.

The outside of the ice cream color slightly.

The part of "Calpis Sherbet" was a little white. When I try to eat it is sweet and rich in taste in the outside sherbet · part of ice in the inside, finished in a taste like the stock solution of Calpis has solidified, it is essential to prepare something to drink when eating . Though the sweetness is somewhat thinner in the outer part somewhat, it is rich in lie in trade name.

Although it feels like the sweetness is somewhat thinner than the stock solution, the inner part is close to the neat texture of the Calpis stock solution. Editorial department When I ate it with a couple of people, I got a comment such as "I'm going to have diabetes if I eat it every day" and impression that "It was a truly rich product according to the product name for the first time in the end of time."

The suggested retail price of 'The longing days of Calpis Ice Bar' is around 120 yen without tax, and it was possible to purchase at a convenience store in the neighborhood at 129 yen including tax. It is recommended at the time of feeling "I want to eat sweet things anyway!", And when you finish eating, you should be satisfied enough that you want to eat sweets.

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