The size of the model which is seen as the iPhone 6 which is about to be released is well understood Comparative photograph leaks

"IPhone 6" rumored to be released in September and October is reported that the display size is enlarged from 4 inches to 4.7 inches, such as the current model iPhone 5s, and it is not going to miss waves of screen enlargement I will. A comparative photograph which is seen as such a new iPhone is newly revealed.

Apple iPhone 6 compared to iPhone 5 in live photos - news

Here is a picture of a terminal that is regarded as a new iPhone 6. It is difficult to understand the difference with iPhone 5s just by looking at it, but seeing the ratio with the home button with fingerprint authentication function makes me feel the body is getting bigger. It is a feature not seen in the iPhone 5s that a step is provided in the periphery of the front of the body.

It is such a feeling when it is a black version. You can see a white border on the outer circumference, but if you compare it with the white version, or from the shape of the side button part, it may be that a thing like a protective bumper is attached. The icon displayed on the screen is 4 rows × 5 rows + 1 row, and it seems that there is no change from iPhone 5s + iOS 7 etc.

With iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 side by side like this, "D lineIt features a border design on the back of the back and is called. The iPhone 6 seems to be expanded by one D line. Because the camera lens protrudes design, even if sapphire glass which is resistant to scratches is used, it is a concern whether measures to prevent breakage are taken. It is noteworthy that silver and pink metal bumpers appear at the top of the picture. Although it seems that it was created for the iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 5s from the processed shape of the bottom, you can know that the bumper is already designed before the main body is released.

Comparative photograph of thickness. You can see how thinner it is than 7.6 mm of iPhone 5s.

Bottom picture. It is larger than 58.6 mm of iPhone 5s. And the round processing of the peripheral part of the main body is also characteristic. It is designed to be seen as an earphone jack from the left, a small hole which seems to be a microphone, a Lightning connector, and a hole for a speaker.

The button on the left side of the main body seems to be changed from a circle of the iPhone 5s to a portrait type.

And the power button on the right side of the main body is coming to move. There seems to be no major change in the SIM card slot.

As the power button moved to the side, the design of the top was refreshing. As long as I see this picture, it seems that the lens of the camera is still in contact with the table. AppleAcquired patent incorporating liquid metal and sapphire glassSo I think that there is a margin if you think that bordering of metal is added around the glass.

A movie that tests the durability of sapphire glass that is supposed to be attached to the front of the main body has also been released.

WSJ: Apple's smartwatch will have sapphire screen | The Verge

In the movie, I will do the limit of the job such as bending sapphire panel, scratching with paper file, but it can be confirmed that almost no scratch can be found.

Even in circumstances where it is likely to crack normally, it shows high durability.

Also, following the iPhone 6, the 5.5-inch display equipped with a "5" display that is expected to be released in late 2014IPhone 6L'S photo has also leaked.

Purported photos of 5.5-inch 'iPhone 6L' show 2915 mAh battery, wider display panel | 9to 5Mac

An image of the iPhone 6L that seems to be in the middle of the manufacturing process.

Battery which seems to be for iPhone 6L. Although it is a little hard to see, it can be confirmed that the capacity is described as "2915 mAh".

The battery for the iPhone 6 was described as "1810 mAh".

Following the iPhone 6 series, the prospect that a new iPad with a 12.9 inch display will be released in early 2015 is also reported.

Apple Said to Prepare New 12.9-Inch IPad for Early 2015 - Bloomberg

Although leaks of various information continue to show excitement towards the announcement of the new iPhone, AppleEvents to be held on September 9 (Japan time September 10)It is regarded as announcing details of it.

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