Replace the AC power cord "LS-15" included with the HP made notebook computer for free, Conclusion

As it turned out that there was a risk of overheating, ignition, burn, etc., we announced the implementation of a voluntary recall program in which Hewlett-Packard Japan will exchange part of the AC power cord used for notebook computers without charge.

HP Power Cord Voluntary Recovery Program for HP Laptop PC | Japan HP

Products to be collected / exchanged are as follows.

· Some AC power cords shipped with the optional adapter for optional products such as laptop PC and docking station shipped from September 2010 to June 2012

Also, the number of applicable AC power cords is approximately 296,000 in Japan, and the target AC power cord has "LS - 15" mark on the plug on the side connected to the AC adapter main body It is attached.

If you have written "LS - 15" in your AC power cord, you can get the product number and serial number by holding down the [fn] key and pressing the [esc] key.

Or you can get it from the bottom of the notebook PC

In addition, when the date sticker is affixed to the power cord, Sore also note.

Once you have the above information, check if it will be subject to this exchange at the following site.

Voluntary collection and exchange program related to safety of AC power cord for HP notebook PC

When you access the above page, select "Japanese" from the language setting in the upper right and click the button on the right

Then, because it becomes Japanese display as below, set the country to "Japan", enter the mail address, select "Yes", and then the product name of the notebook PC and the serial number of the notebook PC Enter date etc. OK.

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