China finally released domestically produced OS in October, concerned about the security of overseas products to replace domestic OS

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Symantec and Kaspersky,FurthermoreApple productsHas been excluded from the government procurement list, it is clear that the Chinese government will finally release the domestically produced desktop OS in October 2014.

Chinese OS expected to debut in October - Xinhua |

China expects to have its own desktop OS by October, wants to ditch Windows - Neowin

According to Xinhua, China's state-owned communications company, China's proprietary desktop OS handled by domestic OS development project which started in March 2014 is expected to be released in October. It seems that original OS is scheduled to be released not only on the desktop but also on the mobile terminal.


Guangnan Ni of the China Institute of Technology leading the domestic OS development project said, "We will be able to release domestically produced OS that supports the application store by October, although domestic OS already exists, between China and developed countries There is a technical gap. "I added," I will replace the OS scheduled for release with existing OS in 1 to 2 years, and will also replace the mobile OS within 3 to 5 years. "

Neowin, an IT-related media, predicts, "The OS scheduled to be released by China will be based on Linux." The reason for that is that it takes a tremendous amount of time to develop an OS of the same level as Windows or OS X from scratch, whereas Linux based allows you to take it to completion in a short period of time It is. However, the OS developed on Linux is not as good as that of Windows and OS X, such as network management and group management, so there is a possibility that development will not proceed as planned.


In 2013, NSA former employee Edward Snowden said in ChinaExposure on information gathering by the US governmentAfter that,Prohibited use of Windows 8 within the governmentWe have also strengthened regulations on overseas products, including removing overseas products from the government procurement list. When the original OS is released, the global version of the product may finally be excluded from the market.

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