I've been eating the ministop's "whole vine grape parfait" realized after eight years of concept

Ministop is developing products under the theme of parfaying this year's fruit,melonWe had sold parfaits such as, but as the fourth bullet we used skinned grapes "Whole grape parfaitWe are selling it from August 15 (Friday) in succession, and we will start selling nationwide from the 22nd. I went to the shop with half of the expected half-anxiety, "Is it eight years in the plan is true?"

Because there are leathers, the taste doubles. After 8 years of planning "whole vine grape parfait" enjoying the taste of grapes, we start releasing adult time from 8/15 (Friday). Every delicious, grape vintage parfait | Press Release | MINISTOP

Confidence work of the concept eight years! The whole grape parfait is on sale! It is! | Official blog

Arrived at Ministop.

Appeal new products even at stores.

Go to checkout and see the menu ......

I found the whole venue for grape parfait. I will order it at once.

Waiting The goods arrived in about 3 minutes.

It is the grape with leather that catches the eye. I use "Crimson species" from Chile.

There was plenty of sauces.

I do not know at all what it looks like, domestic egg yolks are used for soft cream.

There are plenty of grapes under the parfait. Follow the recommendation, try only to eat with 3 patterns of grapes, only soft ice cream, and so on.

Although the grape feels slightly fragrant scent from the sauce, it features a crisp texture, juicy and juice overflows from inside the leather. It seems to be nice to eat sweetness with moderately soft ice cream.

It's like this in the grapes. The color of the skin was thick and thin, but there was no big difference in contents.

Soft cream has domestic egg yolk in addition to milk, so there is a peculiar richness. Milk fat content is not too high, so it seems to be easy to eat even in the summer.

Of course it is not too sweet even if you eat a soft cream and grapes together, Good compatibility of soft cream and grape sour taste is outstanding. There are more than 10 grains of grapes, so if you are a grape lover you should be sure.

The amount of soft cream is also considerably large. There seems to be more than the soft cream you buy at the corn.

The amount is large because grapes are in the bottom. Because it is not the amount of "eat a bit after meals", it seems to be good for sharing at about 2 people and snack at 3 o'clock.

In addition, the price is 320 yen including tax.

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