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Sony's compact and lightweight mirrorless single-lens camera with a weight of 283 g (including battery and memory stick)Α 5100We announced. By incorporating 179-point image plane phase difference AF covering almost the entire screen and fast hybrid AF evolved, excellent tracking ability of moving subject and high-speed AF of 0.07 second have been realized, and to capture subjects with fast movement It is suitable.

The rear LCD monitor supports touch focus with touch shutter function and shutter release only by touching and touch focus to adjust focus position with touch. Since the main body information can move up to 180 degrees, self-taking can be done easily.

In addition to the body alone, a power zoom lens kit with "E PZ 16 - 50 mm F 3.5 - 6.6 OSS" set, and a double zoom lens kit with "E 55 - 210 mm F - 4.5 - 6.3 OSS" set Also released.

The color is black, brown, white, three colors, Sony store direct sales price is 54,880 yen for the body separately excluding tax, the power zoom lens kit for the tax is 68,880 yen, tax for the double zoom lens kit is 80,880 yen. It is scheduled to be released on September 5 each.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Reason why a neurosurgeon has changed the negative thinking for marijuana - GIGAZINE

"TinyPNG" to reduce file size by compressing up to 70% of PNG files for free - GIGAZINE

"From A to B" which recorded the whole part of the delivery as to how to deliver the camera to the baggage and arrive - GIGAZINE

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"Useless" Basic Science Is Important Wake | Japan's Kagaku | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leader

Whole body is found larva of pink grasshopper NHK News

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Arrested suspicion of shoplifting by 'Mandarake' NHK News

Production of military company achievements, spy treatment or Syrian Japanese restraint: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Current affairs dot: Japanese male survival "almost confidence" = dissidents "free Syrian armies" executives

Humanity support blog: Japanese interrogation video Japanese Full translation 【Northern Syrian restraint case】

Humanity support blog: Is Japanese who is detained in Syria "Yukawa Yutaka" really a professional mercenary?

Western Money "China Shadow Banking" which flows into the real estate market in the world Western countries wary of collapse: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Mr. Tanigaki 10% consumption tax is on schedule NHK News

Minoru Tanigaki, insisting on raising the consumption tax and not stating the prime minister: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Internet Distribution obligation to overseas companies NHK News

In response to this, the government is obliged to obligate overseas enterprises whose annual sales exceed 10 million yen, subject to the consumption tax, to be paid taxes to the Japanese tax office from next fiscal year. When the system is changed according to this policy, when Japanese consumers purchase music etc. distributed overseas from overseas enterprises, they will pay an additional amount of consumption tax.

"Ainu race does not exist" writing problem Kaneko Sapporo City Council not to dispose of the residents' LDP "personal opinion" - Hokkaido Shimbun [Hokaido]

Russia and the West: Possibility of trade war: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Junior high school students: arrests such as assault on teachers Discussion by successive police intervention - Mainichi Newspaper

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[Amazingly] 47 prefectural lunches mum made for my son wwwwwwwwwwwwww: Kinyaki

【There is a video】 Detective! Works like seeing this only in the night soup: Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

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Geek's page: The 512 K problem that occurred on August 12 and the 512 K problem

Advertiser irritating Google's own content increase - WSJ

Although it was on the recommendation blog of Hatena Blog .... - Stay tuned

On the possibility of virus infection by EmEditor update check - EmEditor (text editor)

A malicious file is placed by a hacker in a subfolder on the EmEditor home page within about 5 hours of the maximum from 3:20 pm on August 18 (Estimated) from 8:18 pm on August 18 of Japan time I found it. By doing this, it turned out that if you use the EmEditor update check function from a specific IP address, there was a possibility that a malicious file was installed rather than an EmEditor update file. The list of IP addresses is as follows.

Hatena, joint development of freak out and advertisement function "BrandSafe Hatena". Built on DSP "FreakOut", contributing to advertiser brand protection - Press release

[News] Expanding Wi-Fi usage range by extending radio waves from wireless router, radio waves reach every corner of the house! Release of two ultra-compact wireless LAN repeaters

The use of mobile phones at medical institutions is basically OK, the new guidelines are released - ITmedia Enterprise

Formulated large-capacity optical disk standard "BD-DSD" of 200 GB on both sides - AV Watch

Multiple BD cartridges are used. Introduction to data center etc.

I am trying to fully armed the house of the sea with reflections There is a lesson: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

[For engineers] Announcement of specification change on Nico Nico Douga Search page - Nico Nico Info

Yahoo, destructive power of free car navigation application: Nikkei Business Online

Open Data Utilization Contest | Future and Metro | Tokyo Metro 10th anniversary

August 19 Haiku Senryu Service "Hoshigo" is offered at "Haiku Day" First launch from Cyber ​​Agent's Community Business Headquarters | Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd.

【Under investigation】 Failure of some users' NicoLepo collaboration - Nico Nico Info

Google Enterprise Japan Official Blog: Google Classroom released!

Google Apps for Education users now have access to Google Classroom, a new free tool in the Google Apps for Education suite. Google Classroom makes it easier to manage homework and make grading more efficient, as well as facilitate dialogue between the teacher and the students. Google Classroom is characterized by its simple and easy to use.

Facebook, "Satire Tag" Examination Introduction Posting pictures with falsehood judgment posted International News: AFPBB News

What is the "winning pattern" of broadcasting and communication seen in Hulu × Nittele's advance delivery - CNET Japan

Holidays Mozilla Japan's 10th anniversary - albatrosary's blog

[Okawara Katsuyuki's "Personal computer industry, Susonishi run]" Now, let's talk about all new generation VAIO! 【Second part】 ~ "The original model will be a product called" Kata kata! "- PC Watch

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Beta test user for Android is now wanted! | Smartphone Version "Solita Horse" | GAME FREAK

"Fate / stay night" Character Another No. 1 CM "Tonzaka Rin ver." - YouTube

TV anime "SHIROBAKO" official website

Original TV animation "SHIROBAKO" Comic Market 86 released PV - YouTube

Record of people who hit an eroge signboard with a total length of about 2 meters at Comiket - Togetter Summary

[C86] Comic Market 86 (Summer of 2014) Day 3 I want to hear about the story of Special 6 on Rehabilitation Council | Hashimoto charging

A woman who is cosplaying ___ ___ ___ 0 wwwwwwwww: ___ ___ ___ 0

げ む み が ち ょ ー Gamegacyo | "Final Fantasy XIV Festival 2014" About my mycotte illustration used for official website

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Maintenance of Kanto's biggest soccer field by FY 2005 Maebashi · Shimo Muta: Kamigami news news

Www.fnn-news.com: Kiyoshi Hikawa, former manager to suspicion of punching documents etc.

Mai-chan, Haruka Fukuhara, elementary swimsuit shot! The first gravure photograph collection of adult who became high school student! - Cinema Today

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Released "Luxurious cheese cod cortex porcini & white truffle fragrance" using two luxury ingredients

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