It turns out that the quality of life of parents as well as DNA influences baby's growth

ByRobert Eiserloh

When sperm and egg are connected and a new life is born, it is widely known that both genes that DNA preserves bring information and bind and form new DNA. Recent research suggests that in addition to such genetic information, the living and health conditions acquired by parents afterwards have a greater impact than previously thought about growth from the fetus to the infant and further into the future It has become clear that there is.

Message to parents: babies do not "start from scratch"

Parenting from before conception

Parenting from before conception: Babies' health does not start 'from scratch' - ScienceDaily

Research in this field has been carried out at the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute in AustraliaProfessor Sarah RobertsonResearch team by Mr. et al. Although it was widely known that exchange of genetic information is carried out at the time of fertilization, research on the inheritance of elements other than the information stored in DNA has advanced significantly in the past 10 years It was. Furthermore, the elucidation of the mechanism has advanced greatly in the last five years, and it is said that the university leader led the elucidation of the mechanism by which acquired and temporary elements other than DNA influence.

In the report by the research team, information on sperm and eggs of parents other than those due to simple genetic material is also preserved and will be affected from the earlier stage than the conception stage as thought so far It has been shown that. About this influence Professor Robertson said, "Many of the acts that our parents had done before they were pregnant, such as the age and nutritional status of parents and men and women, degree of obesity, smoking, etc., It will affect the signal and eventually it will affect the future growth of the children after they are born. "

ByJames Gentry

Furthermore, he explained about the influence of the living environment of the parents on the fetus, "Because babies have been considered as" growing from a very rare state "so far, they have not taken into account most of the above points However, in reality, it is never a start from scratch, it inherits the "heritage" that parents have been experiencing, the stage in the mother's stomach, and the growth after being born is faster than previously thought It is almost certain that it is determined at the time point. "

ByKirsten Jennings

Moreover, this influence also affects the risk of the occurrence of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease of babies. Furthermore, it is revealed from the research results that the influence of fathers is more dominant than mothers.

However, the doctor said that parents who are planning to have children from now on need not be pessimistic. "Especially when improving the lifestyle habits of couples who refrain from pregnancy in the coming months, it is thought that it will lead to a positive influence over the long future of the child", he said, especially the importance of health condition before pregnancy I am preaching.

ByDavid Amsler

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