Headline news on August 13, 2014

According to Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE), the cumulative actual sales volume of PlayStation 4 worldwide as of August 10, 2014It exceeded 10 million unitsAnd that. This is the earliest record in the history of successive PlayStation series. By the way, on the software side as well, the cumulative number sold has exceeded 30 million as of August 10, and "FINAL FANTASY XV", "METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN" etc. are planned to be released in the future And the number seems to grow further.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Movie capturing the moment when Odakyu Electric Railroad's vehicle was struck while driving - GIGAZINE

In order to obtain results it is important to learn by performing "quantity" rather than "quality" - GIGAZINE

How your brain becomes addicted to caffeine and withdrawal symptoms - GIGAZINE

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Do you know "horse for blood transfusion" to save the foal? - Horse racing news: nikkansports.com

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Arrested man arrested at work on a dark website Do you call for work and disposal of industrial waste? Cardboard box abandonment + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

Flow Bridge, Governor of Kyoto Prefecture "Reconsidering Structures" for 4 consecutive years by Typhoon: Kyoto Shimbun
When flowing at Typhoon No. 18 in September 2013, ""Flow Bridge" flow too much? There is also a doubt about a large repair costAlso an article saying.

"Inadequate talent" of Japan's leading economic newspaper that was revealed by inventing "Return of bankruptcy shortage"

Kobe newspaper NEXT | Society | Mr. Sasai's comments on the survivors

CNN.co.jp: a 7-year-old boy accuses militant fathers of "human heads"

Maintenance of government exclusive aircraft, from JAL to ANA Background of the government change: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Museum exhibition photograph, Aichi prefectural police "Obscene" partly cover: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The museum and Mr. Takano negotiated, decided not to remove it, but to respond by changing the exhibition method. 11 pieces of small items were covered with paper, and 1 large panel was covered with sheets of paper below the chest. Mr. Takano said, "It expresses the delicacy of the sense of distance that people touch each other, not a violent expression, I wanted to make it look like a form of public opinion rather than hiding intervention by public power."

Takano Takahido 's work is "obscene thing" - Togetter Summary

Battleship Yamato's blackboard turned out "I picked it up in the sea in 47 years" Miyazaki: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Loss of possibility The city's lie. It is not a city but a local government to disappear. - Togetter Summary

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Media · Pub: Viral article is flooded, the next one where viral media · site hits

Snapchat's awesome popularity overtwisted Twitter: a chart showing it | Agile Cat --- in the cloud

Dragoner. Net: More than 60% of disgrace-oriented blogs got advertisement revenue using Korean blog service

Radio measures implemented at "Comic Market 86" venue | Notice to individual customers | Information | Mobile | Softbank

Nishimura Hiroyuki complains to an advertiser of 2ch.net | Blog management for blog management

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The studio ghibli, which is said to be a bankruptcy or detalame, was a sound corporate enterprise rather than a dangerous company: market situation two-storied kabu Kabu

Production diary 39: Update notice | "Beyond my dead" Way to the sequel | PlayStation ® Official Site

Contents planned for update patch (version 1.03)

· Schedule modification of infinite loading and hanging phenomena rarely at the time of map switching and before and after battle
· We plan to make adjustments so that God descending to the ground does not become too much
· Schedule upward adjustment on the victory points of the demons and bosses, votive match and big consecration match
· Schedule downward adjustment for votive points necessary for Yogori's incarnation
· Scheduled upward adjustment for Yoko Tocho's self-study period on the rise value per month
· For Yoko Toppan's "Nabe Cooking", the influence rate to the family will be greatly adjusted downwards
· About the clan roll after clearing,
For night birds will be changed so that they only appear at the time of the last incarnation
· For God who once festival at the shrine, planned to change so that it will remain festival even if it gets on the ground
· We plan to fix other troubles etc

2014/08/10 "GO SUPPORATION" Child pornography Summary of tweets of participants after discussion. - Togetter Summary

Talk about accelerating the UE 4 scene - Togetter Summary

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Discussion raised by athletes of prosthetic legs who have won over healthy people How far is improvement in physical ability through state-of-the-art technology: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Funabashi Auto Race Completed abolition at the end of next fiscal year Formal decision NHK News

Messenger "Why will not you throw me in a giant match: What a stadium @ N J summary

Yakudo fans 12 teams I tried summarizing the age of another fielder

Rabbit - Tiger ------ Carp ---- Dragon - Star ---------- Tsubame: What J Jinbun Bulletin bulletin

Former Tokuzu Masaru death sentence wrestler in violent death case - MSN Sankei News

Fuji TV "Is it fashionable to say lonely gourmet now?" BIP blog

176 or less, VIP will be sent with \ (^ o ^) / 2014/08/12 (Tue) 19: 09: 37.50 ID: sFnh 0 ky 40.
I can not satisfy even after chasing after the trends made by TV Tokyo ...

Daily Tohoku Shimbun Inc. ONLINE SERVICE: Mr. Maeda's legendary legend newly found

Lawrence Bacall, a big actress, died at the age of 89: movie news - movies. Com

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A popular classic menu set is even better at a special price! "Big Mac" "Shrimp Fireo" Value Set 500 yen campaign Limited time period from August 18 (Monday) to September 2 (Tue)

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