What is the theoretical approach to cooking frozen steak meat most deliciously?

Cooking meat burning may be said to be deep because it is simple. When cooking frozen meat, it is common sense to do "naturally defrost" at first, but according to the theoretically cooked cooking method, the person who performed cooking while it is frozen It is introduced on YouTube's cooking program channel that it will be a better finish.

Science: Cooking Frozen Steaks

"The method of cooking frozen meat, which was taught in the past, was to" thaw "first, but is it correct, is it?" And the American cooking program "America's Test KitchenIt is one of the hosts ofDan SuzaWill cut out.

In order to verify whether the theory is really correct, cut the 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) thick steak meat into two pieces.

Then leave half as it is and frozen in half in the freezer. After this, I cooked this frozen meat, but the difference in finish was verified by cooking both thawed once and frozen at the same time.

Cooking started at the timing when it was fully frozen. Heat the pan with a lot of oil, put the thawed meat and frozen meat side by side after freezing. It can be confirmed that the ice adhered to the meat reflected on the right is whitely white.

Heat in a time of 90 seconds per side to make a baking color on the surface.

Once the surface is properly colored, it is placed on the net and put in an oven heated to 130 degrees.

Heat was added to the whole body until the internal temperature reached 125 degrees F (52 degrees C), and finished in a medium rare condition.

And comparing the weights before and after cooking, we compared the amount of water.

It is easy to imagine that the time taken for the internal temperature to reach the prescribed condition was that the frozen meat was 18 to 20 minutes which was slightly longer, while the thawed meat was 10 to 15 minutes Among them, Susa was surprised at the time it took to color the surface. There was a big difference in the temperature at the start of cooking, but it seems that the time to reach the same state was almost the same.

And the biggest difference appeared was the enthusiasm of both of them. On the left thawed meat (Thawed) there was a layer of fire burning right under the surface, whereas in the frozen meat on the right there was a medium rare meat that remained red right up to the surface I understand. It seems that this will appear as a big difference in texture.

In addition, we found that the moisture content in meat after cooking also had an average difference of 9%.

When comparing the taste of the two, the opinions of the members who tasted that "the meat cooked while frozen was more delicious was more delicious" agreed. For that reason Susa says "It is the difference in temperature that meat is cooking."

Since the temperature of frozen meat is extremely low, about minus 6 degrees, it does not reach the heat more than necessary even during cooking.

On the other hand, the time required to put brown on the surface was the same for both. This leads to being able to cook the frozen meat at a lower temperature.

The temperature difference will appear as a big difference in the condition after cooking. The surface of the thawed meat got harder than necessary due to the temperature rise higher than necessary, and the moisture was lost in proportion to its temperature, which led to a result of a decrease in the taste of the finish.

It is also interesting that the difference in the size of the meat after cooking appears. Compared with frozen meat, the thawed meat has become smaller, but this is also caused by excessive heat being added. When the protein contained in the meat reaches approximately 60 degrees Celsius, coagulation begins and becomes hard and small, and at the same time, moisture is separated from around 68 degreesWater diversion actionA characteristic called as appears. Due to these characteristics, meat that adds too much heat leads to loss of flavor.

◆ Preparation method before cooking
It turned out that it is important to not add too much heat during cooking, but what kind of preparations should be done for that?

First of all, it is important not to let ice adhere to the surface when freezing. Wrapped in wraps and frozen, white ice may stick out, but it is better to avoid it better.

When I put meat with ice on oiled frying pan ... ...

Sometimes oil splashes and it may cause fire, so you need to be careful enough.

Therefore, when freezing, put a cooking paper on a dish, put meat on it and put it in the freezer.

As you can see, the frozen state is completed with the surface flattened.

Once the meat is frozen, wrapping it in lap is no problem.

If wrapped in a lap and put in a freezer bag etc, it is possible to save in the best condition.

It is also a point to use more oil than usual in a frying pan during cooking.

The amount of oil is about 3 mm in frying pan. This extra oil plays two important roles.

The first reason is that heat is evenly applied to fine grooves on the surface of the meat by dipping it in the ocean of oil. When frozen, on the surface of the meat, a kind of cracks like fine occurs, but by using oil, you can efficiently add the necessary heat to the groove.

Another reason is that the heat of oil makes it difficult to cool the temperature of the frying pan. The frozen cold meat tries to absorb the heat of the frying pan at a stretch, but at this time the heat of the oil (inherited) acts like a kind of heat insulation material and heat necessary for cooking It will be able to keep it well.

The cooking points of the frozen steak are as follows.
· Dry about 3 mm of oil in a frying pan
· Firstly, heat it for about 90 seconds until the brown color on the surface
· Place the net on the bat with the baking sheet, put the meat on it and put it in the oven
· Place a fire in an oven warmed to 130 degrees Celsius and cook it to your liking
· Cooking time for meat about 2.5 cm thick, about 18 minutes to about 20 minutes

In theory, if you cook up the meat cooking, the ideal cooking method has become like the above. Next time you bake your meat, you may get a little better finish.

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