Wireless power feed technology "uBeam" using ultrasonic wave has reached almost practical stage

Wireless power supply standard "Qi(Qi) "and even notebook PC can also be charged"Rezence(Resence) "and other technologies are getting familiar one after another, but by sending and receiving ultrasonic waves as a new technology it is possible to wirelessly power the smartphone and other"UBeam"Is entering the phase of practical application.


Wireless Charging, at a Distance, Moves Forward for uBeam - NYTimes.com

Meredith Perry, who set up a venture company "uBeam" to develop this technology, is 25 years old. Previously, Ms. Perry was involved in the research of space biology at the University of Pennsylvania, but as time passed, we faced the possibility of converting electric power into ultrasonic waves and send and receive power, so we advanced to the path of further technology development We advanced.

UBeam, launched by Mr. Perry, announced in August 2014 that it succeeded in developing an initial prototype device. Perry said that using ultrasonic waves rather than radio waves like the existing wireless power supply is the biggest feature, and Perry said "uBeam is the only technology that can be charged while moving around the room even while on the phone "This is the advantage of being able to deliver power over a wider range. The published charging station is less than 5 mm in thickness, it can also be used as wall hanging type. A sheet-like antenna is also attached to the receiving device so that it receives electric power.

Furthermore, the advantage of uBeam is that data can be transmitted and received along with electricity. Using this technology, every device can connect to the Internet "Internet of things"Mr. Perry says it will become more realistic.

On the other hand, uBeam using ultrasound also has a weak point that it is weak against obstacles such as walls. Therefore, the user needs to prepare the same number of charging stations as the number of necessary rooms.

UBeam wants to start marketing within two years, we are planning to offer two kinds of products, first, a small charging station for ordinary households and for large-scale facilities such as stadiums, airports and hotels . YAHOO! It is CEO ofMarissa MayerMr. and major venture capitalAndreessen Horowitz(Andrijsen · Horowitz) is getting large amount of funds, uBeam is going to gather attention as to how to spread the spread.

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