The US Army is developing a millimeter that was outputted by a 3D printer for introduction

NASA invests in a company that makes pizzas with 3D printersOr, chocolate company'sHerseys develops sweets with 3D printersIn recent years, attention is focused on outputting food with 3D printers. The United States Army who watched that technology outputted it with a 3D printerBattle food (mmmmesse)We are currently considering introducing.

The Army Is Developing 3D Printers to Make Food - Defense One


Securing tasty and nutritious food for soldiers is one of the most difficult tasks on the battlefield. There are only 24 types of battle rituals of the US Army, and the reputation of the taste is not so good, and it is the 3D printer technology that the US Army witnessed in order to solve the battle provision problem.

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Existing technology for outputting food with a 3D printer was to mix water and oil into powder containing nutrients and create food by laying it on multiple layers with a 3D printer, but let the US military introduce What is said to generate ultrasonic waves to solidify the particlesUltrasonic treatmentTechnology called.

United States ArmyNatick Soldiers Research CenterLauren Oleksyk, who is engaged in battle research on battles, "The research team is developing snack-type food using ultrasonic processing technology in 3D printers, and if it succeeds in development it will produce food output such as pizza and pasta "If we can output various types of food with a 3D printer we can replace existing battle rituals," he told about the research.


Mary Scerra of the center said, "If the development of food output by ultrasonic processing 3D printer progresses, soldier can output personal favorite food on battlefield and prevent waste of food" It shows the view that you can see that soldiers are aiming to be able to output their favorite food without choosing places in the future.

The US Army also announced in January 2014 that the use of transplantation skin made with a 3D printer is about to startARMY TECHNOLOGYIn addition, we will reveal the introductory schedule of clothing such as Army combat clothes and gloves that we output with 3D printers in the magazine, and you will get a glimpse of introducing indispensable power to 3D printer technology.

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