Wearable terminal · Surface · High precision camera introduced for data analysis of sports, Next generation data analysis is mainstream in sports circle

ByFrancois Peeters

At the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil in 2014, we shoot near the goal with 500 frames per second with 7 high-speed cameras and judge whether the ball has completely passed the goal lineGoal Line TechnologyHas been introduced. Even in tennis, we installed ten cameras around the court and instantly analyze the motion of the ballHawkeyeTechnologies introduced in the sports world are appearing one after another, such as the system adopted.

In such a situation, EnglandPremier LeagueFootball club belonging toManchester United FCAnd, AmericanNFLIntroduces a variety of devices that will become a new data analysis tool, and advanced data analysis is becoming mainstream even in the sports world.

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At the Manchester United interview held on August 1, 2014, the team'sLuis van HaarIt became clear that the director installed several high-precision cameras on the ground of the practice facility over 500,000 pounds (about 86.55 million yen).

Manchester United who participated in the press conferenceJohnny Evans"The installed camera can collect quite a bit of data, which is slightly different from what other teams are using." Director Van Haral got "1 meter to the right" based on the data obtained from the camera It gives us very specific instructions such as: It is possible to grasp all what is happening on the pitch.If you had only taken the results on the results so far, It is the first experience for any player that can see the movement thoroughly, "explains how high precision cameras are used.

ByGordon Ednie

On the other hand, NFL in the United States gathers data from RF tag with embedded ID informationRFIDUsing technology from 2014, we tracked the movements of players in the game and decided to provide detailed data not only to coaches and athletes, but also to fans. In 17 stadiumsZebra TechnologiesIntroduce a tracking system and embed wearable devices that send data into the players' shoulder pads.

The wearable device embedded in the shoulder pad of each player analyzes player's position information in real time, further collects data such as position speed · mileage and saves it in the database. The introduction of a device that analyzes the movement of the athlete for the first time is the first for NFL and it will be able to instantly deliver "what is happening on the pitch now" to the end user.

ByRex Hammock

NFL's advanced technology introduced since 2014 is not just RFID and wearable devices. Microsoft tablet deviceSurface Pro 2To be introduced as an official play analysis tool. Surface Pro 2 introduced by NFL which contracted with Microsoft at 4 million dollars (about 410 million yen) in 2013 is a special specification that can only connect to stadium dedicated wireless network, camera function is disabled.

In addition, Surface Pro 2 to be introduced can operate only with a program that can browse photos during game, 13 teams will be distributed on the sidelines and 12 Surface Pro 2 will be distributed in the coach box. During the game the coach can view the photos playing on Surface Pro 2, enlarge it, write notes, and analyze the game in real time. Surface Pro 2 is not managed by the team, NFL, it is temperature-adjustable and kept in a locker with a key for safety reasons and it is taken out only during the game.

ByGlobal Panorama

If you analyze data using systems and devices that are introduced one after another in football and NFL, it will be no doubt that it will lead to strengthening of the team. The introduction of state-of-the-art technology in the sports world is progressing and we are looking forward to seeing what new technology will combine with sports from now on.

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