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Enjoy the digital single-lens camera in a palm-sized manner with ease and fashionPENTAX Q-S1"Ricoh Imaging will release on August 28 (Thursday). Although it is finished in a fashionable model that can be carried around every day with a classical design, it also features 1 / 1.7 type back-illuminated CMOS sensor on functional side · ISO 12800 compliant · 3.0 inch large LCD monitor on the back · high speed image processing engine "Q ENGINE" etc. , We carry something that can enjoy comfortable shooting. The price at Ricoh Imaging Online Store isBody only including tax 42,800 yen,Zoom lens kit includes 53,600 yen including tax,Double zoom kit includes tax of 75,200 yenIt is released on August 28th.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

I thought it was good if I knew when I was young 20 things that are very important - GIGAZINE

Kua Aina "Hawaii Island Kilauea Spicy Burger" with a tremendous volume and rich meat - GIGAZINE

It is a great misunderstanding that fat is an enemy of diet rather good for health - GIGAZINE

GIGAZINE "GIGAZINE" is a report on the performance of directors' three-man group & supervisor who took over "Millennium Gintama Complete Edition" mobilization exceeding 1 million people

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Green seat of the Shinkansen wwwwwwww: Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

There is a monster Bon festival of the monks who can become hotest this summer: 2014: Market situation total power two stories

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RIKEN: Yoshiki Sasai deputy director deputy director at the research building wrote at suicide site - Mainichi Newspaper

Riken Sasai deputy director confirm death NHK News

Mr. Sasai Suicide: RIKEN 's interview at a time (1) "Exhausted exhaustion, mental and physical tiredness" - Mainichi Newspapers

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Stalker regulation: SNS also postponed repeat offenses measures Review meeting on police agency - Mainichi Newspaper

▽ Continuous transmission of messages by SNS and "yes" is also newly added to the "tame-at-all"

▽ Consider to skip over warnings so that you can immediately issue a prohibition order with penalties

▽ Increase current penalty (up to one year imprisonment or fine of 1 million yen)

"Carry on Jeju island" Testimony Can not be supported and false judgment: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Judging that the testimony that Mr. Yoshida forcibly taken comfort women at Jeju is falsehood, we cancel the article. At that time, I could not find out false testimony. I re - interviewed Jeju, but I could not get a story to support the testimony. Even coverage to the researchers has revealed several contradictions about the core part of the testimony.

Warm sea fish landing in Hokkaido "warm water tongue" cause or NHK News

100 Years since the opening of the First World War: Complex emotions held by Germans: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Positive Russian Foot into Ruin Do Russia undertake military intervention? Or are you forsaken? (Koizumi Yuu) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Russia sanctions: President Putin ready for pain: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

"Because it is an old human being, a woman is under" Woman participation goal objections Mie: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Child abuse - worst of over 70,000 worst past" - Loss of abuse death, feeling of crisis to be fueled (Yoshida Uchida) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Yalta Closing "Soviet Participation in Japan", German Information Sharing, Difference in Intelligence Brought by Invasion Invasion Invasion Vivid + (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News

Government goal can not be achieved with food self-sufficiency rate of 39% NHK News

Robbery women bytes are damaged in "Sukiya" who is working late at night

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JR Yamada Line · Transfer of Sansetsu "Realistic Method" Iwate Prefecture | Hebei Shimbun Online News

Marriage / childbirth is a duty of the Japanese and not a right The SDF can not be unrelated to the declining birthrate and depopulation of rural areas: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Kanazawa citizen recommends I do not regret for the first time for Kanazawa tour "For beginners" | Tourist information blog in beautiful Kanazawa, Kaga, Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture Triple Beauty Hokuriku

Wakota liars to my industry consumer www: spare time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - livedoor blog

"Make no swelling" with multiple illegal treatment due to art make-up damage: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The damage of 'Art Make' which draws pigment on the skin with a needle and draws eyebrows and eyeliners is unabated. Although it is popular with women in summer unless they get wet, there are complaints such as serious skin troubles and corneal damage. Unauthorized sale of equipment and illegal treatment by the esthetic salon are rampant, police authorities are concerned with "dangerous and can not overlook", and are embarking on full-scale detection.

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Junior high school student interview at summer vacation at Matz - Togetter Summary

Web Design Guidelines Considering CodingFromHiroyuki Makishita

DTP → Web Designer When turning around, I did it when I did it List 13 | 279-design

[Search Google] 4 settings required for optimizing input form | overseas SEO information blog

In this article I will introduce the setting that the Google Research Blog most influenced the completion of the input form from the report summarized based on the user test.

It has the following four settings.

· Input conditions to be instructed in advance
· Place an error message next to the field
· Make it easy to distinguish mandatory items from arbitrary items
· Place the label on the field

I will explain in order.

"The App Store application was stolen" Game "Pro Warium" author is screamed to be delivered by another person with wrong login - ITmedia News

Amazon Web Services Blog: 【AWS Announcement】 Auto Scaling Update - Lifecycle Management, Standby State, Detach Instance

With Unity, you can easily do it now! Tits boobs! It is! - I started silver bullets

Introducing Font Awesome's icon font freely and how to use convenient tools? Macious

Amazon Web Services Blog: 【AWS Announcement】 AWS Trusted Advisor is available for everyone

AWS Trusted Advisor is a customer-specific customized cloud expert! It helps to identify best practices for using AWS by reducing costs, improving system performance and reliability, and looking at the AWS environment with a view to filling in security gaps. Since launching Trusted Advisor in 2013, we recommend customers recommendations for 1.7 million best practices for cost optimization, performance improvement, security, fault tolerance and cut costs by approximately $ 300 million I did it.

Today, we will deliver two big news to everyone using AWS. First of all, we have made four trusted advisor best practices available for free. And moved Trusted Advisor to AWS Management Console.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update Preview has been released for developers - Shinobu Takahashi's blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Google Japan Blog: Traffic results information map around Shikoku area, launched

Three times the assumed CTR for advertisements for illustrators! Pixiv Users found out in the manuscript Banner effective for psychology | Social game laboratory

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Unity-Chan Comic Market 86

Unity got back to the comic! In addition to sales of art log 2, many new goods are prepared. There is also fun for the day only, please come and visit!

Arcade version "BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA" Celica = A = Mercury & amp; Λ-No. 11 - "Introduction video - YouTube

Ghibli, to "Small Break" Production Division Demolition After "Marney" are new deposits? - MSN Sankei News

Ghibli, Wang which already has Honeymoon relationship awfully submissive talk emerged under umbrella of Dwango (1/2 pages) - Entertainment - ZAKZAK

A strange acquisition story is emerging that "Studio Ghibli" (Koganei-shi, Tokyo), whose withdrawal from animation production was revealed, enters under umbrella of Dwango who operates the Internet video distribution site "Nico Nico Video" I got it on 5th. If it is realized, it is likely to be a big business over the content of Ghibli that generates huge assets.

The painful news (No ∀ `): The topic of the work content of Sega's byte (hourly wage 1000 yen) is too dangerous - Livedoor blog

NES gather generation! Nostalgic backward work entry campaign

The lyrics of "as it is" is a ton daemon translation? → Professional work that matches Japanese version! - Togetter Summary

What is "Aikatsu Uncle" lined up in arcade games for girls? | Nikkan SPA!

It's cool! Music Video Maker | NAMCO BANDAI Games Official Website

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ORIX BLOG (Chiyosaki) [sad news] Exchange game, from next season to 18 games system

Let me explain football commentary. The 1st "Raise the Line" - Take it easy

Mercifully refraining from closing "Hotaru noodori". The pot with Number, its mysterious relationship. [Number Conclusion] - Other - Number Web - Number

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