High-function detachable camera strap "Slide & Clutch" which can be held sliding with a single hand from a crosshair

Although purchasing a digital single lens reflex camera comes with the camera strap from the manufacturer, it is convenient for carrying when moving it, but if you are crossing from the shoulder, there are times when you want to take a picture quickly, you may have to take a photo opportunity It may be missed. On the other hand, although you can shoot quickly if you put it in front, it will become difficult to move. A high function camera strap which can solve such a problem of the camera, can detachably slide the camera from the back with one hand with one hand, can easily adjust the length of the strap and does not make it easy to carry "Slide"Similarly, a detachable high-function camera hand grip"Clutch (clutch)Kickstarter is seeking investment.

Peak Design | Makers of the Capture Camera Clip and other outdoor photography gear.

The state and how to use the advanced function camera straps "Slide" and "Clutch" are explained in the following movie.

◆ Slide (slide)

A woman nestling in the field.

Turn your hands back ......

I took the camera with a shoot and started shooting. The camera strap used by this woman is "Slide".

Slide is a part attached to the left strap ring of a digital single lens reflex ... ...

Just put the round parts "Anchor Link".

The other side of the strap is not attached to the strap ring, but it extends from the attached tripod mount.

Therefore, when crossed over from the shoulder, the lens faces downward and a smart atmosphere.

Position the clasp on the strap position as "snap" ...

Just adjust it to the desired position and stop it again. Unlike normal straps, you can change the length anytime.

A man holding a camera on his shoulder is taking notes.

Because Slide is made of a material that is hard to slip on one side and a material that is slippery on the other side ... ...

With a nonslip surface down, you will not drop the camera when you do not use it, and you can make it easier to take pictures with a slippery face down.

◆ Clutch (clutch)

The male holds or opens the hand holding the camera, but the camera is firmly fixed to the palm of the hand. This is "Clutch".

As well as Slide, you can freely adjust the length of the strap.

This is the position when shooting. The strap attachment position is the same as Slide.

As the hand gets in the position of the camera grip, it seems to be nice when you stand by without missing a shutter opportunity.

The tripod mount that attaches the strap of Slide and Clutch, of course, can be attached to a trip as it is.

Easy attachment and detachment of the strap, just attach it to the tripod and just remove it as is OK.

Slide and Clutch can be installed at the same time. A tripod mount capable of attaching a camera to the backpack or belt of the company's product "CapturePROIf installed, it will be available for GoPro as well.

◆ Products that can be obtained for each investment
· 1 dollar (about 100 yen):Investment only
· $ 15 (about 1500 yen):Anchor Link × 1 set (It is possible to divert the hand-held camera strap even this alone)

· $ 30 (about 3000 yen):Clutch × 1
· $ 50 (about 5100 yen):Slide × 1
· $ 80 (about 8100 yen):Slide × 1 + Clutch × 1
· $ 150 (about 15,300 yen):Slide × 1 + Clutch × 1 + CapturePRO

In addition, the shipment of products is planned around October 2014, and dispatch to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 10 (about 1000 yen). The deadline of investment is 8 o'clock on Saturday, August 16, 2014.

Slide and Clutch: Versatile Camera Sling and Hand Strap by Peak Design - Kickstarter

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