Companies and organizations nominated for the 3 rd Black Enterprise Award in 2014 Summary

"Oshoji (Izakaya chain" Nihonkai Shonaya ")" JR West "" Yamada Denki "" A-1 Pictures "" TamaHome "" Tokyo Metropolitan Association "" Ricoh "" Akita Bookstore "" School corporation Satoshi Gakuen Gakuen School of Fukaya High School Nine of them were nominated for all of them.

Black Enterprise Awards: The 3rd Black Company Award Nominee Company announced! Web voting also started.

The following is the nomination reason.

◆ Oozo (Izakaya chain "Nihonkai Shonaya")(Reference 1:Payroll details of the "Nihonkai Shonaya" employee who died from overwork four months after joining the company and a time card published: MyNews Japan, Part 2:9/26 Ozo (Shozo Nihonkai) overwork death case · Supreme court decision | Shin Osaka law firm | Nishimiyahara law firm)

In the "Sea of ​​Japan Sea", in 2007 the 24-year-old young man died from overwork. Mr. Motohayasu Fukiage who worked in the Sea of ​​Japan Sea was assigned to the kitchen of Ishiyama station front shop in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture as a new employee on April 10, 2007, and only 4 months later on August 11 Died in the unknown, at home due to acute heart failure. In December 2008, the Otsu Labor Standards Inspection Office certified death of Mr. Motoyasu as a death from overwork, and parents of Mr. Motoyasu are seeking compensation for damages by Dajo Co., Ltd. and Representative Director Hiratsu (Tatsu Tatsu) Four people were filed against the Kyoto District Court. In the judgment of May 2013, we ordered the company and four executives to pay about 78.6 million yen.
Ozo incorporates overtime payment for 80 hours a month, which is the worker accident recognition criteria (death line of overwork) in the first salary, and in the trial, Mr. Motoyasu's total working hours are 276 hours a month on average for one month , And overtime work was certified as an average of 112 hours.

◆ JR West (West Japan Railway Company)(Reference 1:JR West Nippon Young employee overworked suicide - Overtime over 10 hours overtime for 10 consecutive months, at the end of depression for up to 254 hours MyNews Japan, Reference 2:100 hours of overtime overtime 10 months ... suicide suicide JR Nishimoto's bereaved family sued - MSN Sankei west)

In JR West Japan, a 28-year-old young man (Mr. A) is overworked by himself in 2012. Mr. A joined JR West as a comprehensive post in 2009 after graduating from graduate school, and since June 2011 he was in charge of security system of signaling system at construction office in Amagasaki city, Hyogo prefecture. There, continuous day work and holiday work were repeated, overtime hours exceeded 100 hours every month since December of the same year. In September 2012, overtime work exceeded 160 hours a month just before suicide and said that overtime was over 250 hours on the other month even though it was overtime. The security work that Mr. A was in charge was a heavy work of responsibility that is not permitted to make mistakes due to the safety of passengers, and even Mr. A who is doing harsh long hours work is mentally and physically It became a factor to drive it. Among such excessive work, Mr. A develops depression, and in October 2012 he died and threw himself from the 14th floor of the condominium.

Yamada Denki(Reference 1:Yamada Denki 23-year-old floor chief got overworked two days before opening a new store Contracted suicide from a contract employee suddenly appointed to management position in a month: MyNewsJapan, Reference 2:Yamada Denki, Suicide Norma and Long Time Overtime Suicide Successfully Successful of Store Managers - Is Fictional Sales Revealed (1/2) | Business Journal)

A 23-year-old male employee (Mr. A) who worked at the company's suburban store "Tech Land" Kashiwazaki store on September 19, 2007, suffered a suicide by hanging his head at the company's house after overwork.
Mr. A who joined Yamada Denki as a contract employee in December 2004 was appointed as a permanent employee on August 16, 2007 one month before his death. At the same time, I was ordered to be "Floor Length" of the audio department of the "Tech Land" Kashiwazaki store which was scheduled to open on September 21, and suddenly treated as a "managerial position" at the age of 23 with inexperienced regular employees. At Yamada Denki, after August 16, Mr. A had engaged his work day but he did not engage in his time at work.
In June 2011, Mr. A's suicide was certified as workers' accident. The Nagaoka Labor Standards Inspection Office concluded that overtime was over 106 hours 21 minutes in one month immediately before the man committed suicide from the testimony of the related persons and the security records. It is recognized that overtime work in the week before dying is extremely high, 47 hours 30 minutes.

◆ A-1 Pictures(Reference 1:Overtime work on anime production Suicide carte "Month 600 hours" 28-year-old man, workers accident certification - sponge Sponichi Annex society, Reference 2:Painful news (No ∀ `):" 600 hours of monthly labor "... working at an animation production company" A-1 Pictures "Male in twenties, overworked suicide accreditation - livedoor blog)

In October 2010, a 28-year-old male employee who was enrolled at the company committed suicide at his apartment in Tokyo. According to each news report, Mr. A worked as a full-time employee of the company from 2006 to December 2009 and is in charge of progress such as "big shake" and "Kannagi" while in office. The company did not have a mechanism to manage working hours with time cards, etc. There was a description such as "600 hours of monthly labor" in medical records of Mr. A who came to the hospital after retirement, and overtime hours are high It rose to 344 hours a month. Although he said he had stayed in the company for 7 consecutive days and had no 3-month holiday, he said there was no evidence that overtime work was paid.
Mr. A's suicide was approved by the Shinjuku Labor Standards Inspection Office on April 11, 2014. The police stated that men are developing depression during their tenure and that they have overtime at least over 100 hours a month two to four months before onset.

◆ Tamahome(reference:"Blooded" Tamahawom 40's top sales are overworked death - rusty rampant rampant, 1 month 7 days off, no increase in disaster damage demand, no acute myocardial infarction: MyNewsJapan)

On October 12, 2011, the company's male employee A (47 years old at the time) passed away by overwork and the Iwaki Labor Standards Inspection Office certified as workers' accident in August 2012. Male joined Tamahawm on July 3, 2007, and since 2010 he was in charge of the sales manager at the Iwaki sales office. However, after the Great East Japan Great Earthquake of March 2011, the burden on each salesman also increased since the rapid increase in demand for housing in Iwaki city. Later, when Iwaki Labor Standards Inspection Office certified on the basis of personal login records, overtime during the first half of the year when men died was 83 hours in the shortest month, 103 hours at the longest.
However, the survey of the police station on the police station tells us that Tamahawom employees have to work over the permissible overtime hours beforehand (to erase evidence of service overtime), forgetful logoff, He pointed out the possibility of lending and borrowing. About overtime hours six months before his death, men's bereaved families claim to be 144 to 186 hours, which exceeds the certification of labor bases.
Either way, Mr. A who had been working overtime significantly exceeding the death line of overworked persons began to appeal for physical disorders since about August 2011. And, on October 11, after participating in Tamahawgh 's branch office softball competition which was obliged to participate as a business treatment, it was discovered that the hotel who stayed with a colleague died of acute myocardial infarction.

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly(Reference 1:Liberal Democratic Party, Shogi Suzuki, Mr. Yagi admit "If I get married soon": Asahi Shimbun Digital, Reference 2:【Full Text】 "Is not it better for you to get married soon?" In Akikazu Shiomura in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly ___ ___ 0 ___ 0, Reference 3:City council Yazi four people or more, found by speech analysis Survey came over: Asahi Shimbun Digital)

On June 18, 2014, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly went to a female legislator who asked about the support measures of the city in pregnancy and childbirth of women, such as "Would not it be better to get married sooner"? It goes without saying that these remarks themselves correspond to female contempt. Furthermore, at a press conference by a male member who acknowledged that he had blown off the trap, just by changing the word "I want to get married quickly in the declining birthrate, late marriage ..." He expressed that he was unable to understand the essence of the problem, stating his apology completely devoid of the perception that marriage and childbirth are individual freedoms.
During this parliamentary campaign where this Yagi flew, besides this Yazi there are a couple of Yagi that seems to be a female contempt. However, other than the above-mentioned city councils, the speaking parties did not raise their name, but they evolved into the situation of searching for speakers by using speech discrimination and the like. Representatives who made other remarks still keep their mouth full.

◆ Ricoh(Reference 1:Ricoh, expelled to the cancellation of dispatching and ordering rooms Room problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital, Reference 2:Ricoh Union blog to fight restructuring)

Mr. A was a worker who walked in the technical field and was positioned in the second grade specialist in Ricoh. There were multiple awards within the company, and the number of registered patents was hundreds of workers with expertise.
However, Mr. A was deemed to be subject to this staff reduction, and he received a retirement recommendation from his boss several times. My boss explained the work like production work and the work in the warehouse of the logistics system, as it would be a job not in accordance with the intention if remaining in the company, but Mr. A decided to respond to the desired retirement There was no indication.
In the same year, Ricoh ordered Mr. A to be a subsidiary. Destination was a subsidiary of the distribution system, and Mr. A engaged in simple work (consignment and unpacking of goods etc.) in standing work. Neither personal desk nor personal computer was paid to Mr. A.

◆ Akita Bookstore(Reference 1:Asahi Shimbun Digital: presents to five readers ... lie Akita bookstore to consumer agency disposal - society, Reference 2:Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Union | Akita Bookstore: Premium inflated, unfair dismissal incidents page)

In 2007 I joined Akita Bookstore after graduating from university and was assigned to the editorial department of "Mystery Bonita", and a female employee, Ms. A, involved in editing was in charge of the magazine 's readers' gift column. Mr. A was surprised at the fact that fewer prizes were prepared than the number specified, and repeatedly appealed to his boss that "fraud should be stopped." However, Akita bookstore did not rectify gifts for gifts, and continued business instructions for this female employee. Mr. A suffered from mental illness in the conflict and was forced to take a leave of absence. Akita book store against Mr. A in such a situation disciplined dismissal of A as "I got clothed without sending a reader present to a reader."

◆ School corporation Ji Kyodera Gakuen Chair Goshi Fukaya High school, Ist(reference:Part-time instructor of private high school is illegal "Outsourcing" 45% pinned to poor treatment companies Educational site of an abnormal disparity society: MyNewsJapan)

A part - time lecturer at a high school was working at an illegal camouflage contractor at Masato Fukaya High School in Saitama Prefecture. A woman in her twenties, a part-time lecturer, Mr. A joined a personal contracting contract with Ishi Tempa Companies who are outsourcing contracts with Goshi Fukaya High School for 2 years from April 1, 2010, and was in charge of social studies classes. With a contract of 9000 yen per schedule, we held 16 classes per month and received 144,000 yen per month, but they were also asked to attend the meeting and supplement the students. Mr. A is making progress with the full-time faculty members of the school on the progress of the lesson and the contents of the test, and the command order was received from the school.
In this way, because it is in a multi-business outsourcing relationship of school → ist → worker, and it was also receiving a command from the school, it was also a so-called camouflage contractor. And because relations with Ish are outsourcing agreements, social insurance and employment insurance have not been added.

The vote is accepted until Friday, September 5 (Friday), and the award ceremony is Saturday, September 6.

2014/09/06 Addendum
Yamada Denki won "Grand Prize", Takanoh Yuri, Sukiya received division award.

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