Rivai Cleaning ver. · Ship This aircraft carrier grade etc. "Nendoroid" Various summary

One festival 2014 [summer]ofgood smile CompanyI shot the real thing of a new work of the "Nendoroid" series which is distinguished by its characteristic deformation in the booth.

"Rivai Cleaning ver." From "Advance Giant", scheduled to be released in July 2014, the price is 3500 yen

Production of prototype is Shoichi Ito, Seven live, Nendoroid of production cooperation

In addition, there is also a real version of "Rivai Cleaning Ver.", The price is limited to WF venue, the price is 4500 yen, the prototype production is Max Factory (Shinji Koshinuma), and the production cooperation is Maki Asai.

From "Fleet boat - ship this -", ​​"Warriors of aircraft carrier", WF limited edition starting web order from 16 o'clock, the price is 4800 yen

Prototype production is Nanobe, production collaboration is Nendoroid

More slippery and more

"Akagi", on sale for 4500 yen

"Kaga", planned to be released in September 2014, 4500 yen

"Kitakami" on the left and "Oi" on the right, both planned to be released in October 2014 and 4500 yen

"Island style", on sale at 4629 yen

And even in the "Nendoroid Petit" series "Ship" This will be released in November 2014, 900 yen each

Nendoroid Petit "Island style & consulting gun", scheduled to be released on 27th October 20, 2700 yen

"Nendoroid" on the left is scheduled to be released in August 2014, 4500 yen, and the Nendoroid "Hiei" on the right is undecided for both release date and price

"Tianjin style" also to be released for both release date and price

And "I 401", this is also unknown for both release time and price

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